Why SecurionPay as Your High Risk Merchant Account & Processor

Why SecurionPay?

Optimize your payments to convert up to 19%* more transactions.

Merchants who process payments using SecurionPay see a measurable increase in conversion & acceptance rates.


Year founded


Accounts & growing

Swiss precision in payments

HQ in Switzerland




Currencies & 24
checkout languages


Conversion rate

*depending on the vertical and your current set up

How can SecurionPay boost your revenue & conversion?

It’s optimized to give you tangible leverage over your competitors — here’s how:

It takes 30 seconds to accept payment — no third party redirections, no distractions, no cart abandonment, or ugly payment forms. A seamless payment process with a higher acceptance rate, better conversion, and more sales.

Save your subscriptions from involuntary churn due to “not enough funds”, “card expired” or “payment data change” No matter what kind of subscription business you run, we can decrease your churn.

Did an unjust chargeback take place? No worries, we’ll help you win your money back via a fully automated representing process built right into your dashboard.

Eliminate fraud & reduce chargebacks without hurting your conversion, thanks to non-invasive 3D technology and a powerful anti-fraud tool set: Machine Learning & AI, Blacklisting, Tokenization.

Even up to 25% of declined payments can be recovered. SecurionPay can help you do just that while boosting your acceptance rate & winning back declined payments.

Integrate once and get access to multiple acquiring partners. This feature also allows you to distribute chargeback risk & generated volume, as well as serves as a safety net in case of any disruptions.

The next purchase is just one click away thanks to SecurionPay’s revenue-boosting payment process. Seamless 1-click transactions & AI-based cross-selling help make this happen.

Are recurring payments with prepaid credits part of your business? With SecurionPay, you can mix & match all of the pieces to best suit your needs — the platform is tailored to handle even the most non-standard business scenarios.

Stay informed and react as soon as an incident happens thanks to real-time dashboards and data streams to monitor every transaction, customer, chargeback, and fraudulent attempt.

SecurionPay’s integration process is simple and transparent enough for a junior developer to handle it! Plus, its free secure testing environment covers all of the payment, disputes, and error processes.

SecurionPay’s responsive support team will quickly resolve any potential payment issues. You’ll benefit from having a dedicated Account Manager, technical support & incident monitoring.

Satisfy your varied global customer base with a checkout that makes use of 160 currencies and is automatically displayed in 24 languages depending on customers’ setting preferences — no coding required.

Gain instant access to the API, testing sandbox, and integration resources, allowing you to launch your set-up within 20 seconds after registration — that’s much faster than the typical 24h wait.

You won’t suffer any delays in payouts or have to deal with intermediaries, helping to eliminate unnecessary hassle. Money will simply go directly into your account on a weekly basis.

The highest level of security and the best customer experience — guaranteed:

Why do customers value SecurionPay?

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