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Usage-based and seat-based subscriptions

Charge a variable amount at the end of each billing cycle

Charging customers periodically, based on their usage or seats, works well especially for SaaS, cloud computing, and online B2B services. Use our flexible API integration to set any payment scenario your business needs.

Set up your business logic

You can connect any billing model to SecurionPay. Just use the API to make recurring charges or create subscriptions that stay in line with your business.

Subscription + usage-based billing

You can assign multiple subscriptions and charges to one customer. Make your offer as flexible as you need.

Multiple seats subscriptions

Simply assign, upgrade or downgrade multiple subscriptions per customer. One seat could be assigned to one recurring subscription.

Best-in-class API for complex business model

Our powerful API lets you create any payment scenario you need to meet your customers’ expectations. Get full control over your transactions and stay updated to react instantly when some problem occurs.

Full API Reference

Manage customers and their subscriptions

API integration allows you to manage customers and their subscriptions in the most convenient and effective way. You can also manage offline customers activities by using the Customer Manager.

Customer Manager

Every billing scenario covered

No matter what kind of billing scenario you need — with our versatile API, you can integrate payments the way you want.

Billing models

Seat-based billing and subscriptions

A pay-per-seat model is often used by the IT businesses. Create a well-suited offer for other companies and charge them based on how they use your products or services.

Software support services
Live chats
Call center software
Recruiting software and payroll apps
Other cloud-based applications

Usage-based billing and subscriptions

Let your customers pay only for what they use and create long-lasting relationships. You can also combine this model with other billing options to grow customer satisfaction and increase your revenue.

Cloud computing
Time-based usage
Data processing

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