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Trials and discounts

Convert trial users into paying customers

Let users try your products so they find them worth paying for later.

Flexible periods

It’s up to you how long the trial or discounted periods will take. Give your customers time to make a well-thought-out decision.

Discounted plans for trial periods

Offer your future customers a discount for a specified time to attract them and make them stay longer.

Upgrade automatically to regular price

When a discounted period comes to an end, the subscription will be upgraded automatically, without interrupting the payment process.

Offer a free or discounted trial

Online consumers are usually not willing to pay full price when they buy something for the first time. Offer them a special discount and convert them into happy customers.

Automatic billing after a trial period

After a trial period, customers will be automatically billed for products or services on a regular basis, until they cancel the subscription.

“Money back” may cost you nothing

Both charges and refunds each time come with a cost for merchants. To avoid paying for undecided customers, you can use Authorization and Delayed Capture. Card authorization is free of charge, it blocks funds on a customer’s card that can be captured within 7 or 28 days. Otherwise, the money goes back to the customer and you won’t pay anything for this operation.

Save a card now, charge it later

Save card details for later and verify your future clients first to stay ahead of fraudsters

Customers more likely to buy

A user that enters the card data is more willing to pay for products and services you offer. Even if not now, they can become your paying customer in the future.

Verify and score a lead

Collect as much data as possible about your trial users and make them convert based on their needs or online behavior. You can use the entered data for lead scoring to streamline your customer acquisition.


When your services are based on a freemium model, it’s easier to convince customers with a free account to pay for premium features with just a click. We know from our experience that customers with free accounts spend a lot of money on extra features.

The easiest integration: Checkout

Checkout integration is the best solution for those who want to enter the market quickly. You can accept card payments through the Checkout, handle errors, add extra form fields (eg. for billing and shipping addresses), and many other tools to maximize your revenue.

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Set up subscriptions with Plan Manager

All plans, both free and paid ones, can be created using Plan Manager. You can easily define billing periods, pricing levels and turning on automatic upgrades. It’s a perfect tool for subscription-based businesses.

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Set up recurring payments today

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