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Why Is PCI Compliance Important for Every Merchant?

PCI compliance is mandatory for every eCommerce merchant that accepts credit or debit card payments on their website. All information entered by customers is sensitive data, so it must be well-protected.

Whаt iѕ PCI Compliance?

Whаt iѕ PCI Compliance? There are over billion non-cash transactions around the world each day, so it’s important to keep every single payment on the highest security level. This is what PCI Compliance is about. In general, PCI stands for Payment Card Industry. With the internet explosion, appeared a growing need to stay in touch with the customers on the
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Gain The Customer’s Trust With PCI Compliance

Due to the increased possibilities for identity theft and different kinds of frauds connected with credit cards, a decade ago Visa and MasterCard proposed a mechanism for increased data security for the credit card providers, merchants, banks and other financial institutions. The proposal led to developing quality PCI compliance security standards.