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Subscription Payment Gateway

Easy to implement, powerful to use. Recurring payments that allow businesses to accept credit and debit card payments for any type of content subscription, newsletter fees, SaaS products billed periodically or recurring donations.

Minimize declines and maximize revenue

Set up logic in your account settings to automatically retry failed payments. Keep your business on the right track and make your customers stay longer with your brand.

Offer flexible, multiple plans

Create as many flexible subscription plans as you want. Offer a variety of billing cycles or pricing tiers in order to provide the best choice for your customers.

Upgrade and downgrade subscriptions

Allow your customers to upgrade or downgrade their plans, and change their billing cycles with ease. Offer subscription payments with great flexibility and customer experience.

Subscription Plan Manager

Create an unlimited number of plans to improve customer retention. Provide various pricing tiers and flexible billing periods. No matter what you sell — do it in the most effective way!

Subscription Plan Manager

Retry Logic

The reasons for the failure of a transaction are usually associated with insufficient funds, card limit or expiration date. Let us handle it and watch your revenue grow.

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Trials and discounts

Let users try your products so they find them worth paying for later. Give them time to make a well-thought-out decision and convert users into paying customers.

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Customer Manager

Get full control over your payments and your customer’s behaviour. Browse the payment history, manage transactions, create charges, or assign customers to certain subscriptions.

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How subscription payments work

In this short video, you will learn more about subscription-based billing and possibilities offered by SecurionPay.

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Recurring billing for SaaS

SaaS can create multiple subscription plans to meet customer needs and streamline their cash flow. See how easy is to set up free trials and make upgrades and downgrades. B2B SaaS can assign multiple subscriptions to a single customer.

Payments for online dating

Add recurring payments to your dating site so your customers can start a subscription. Optimize the end-user experience to get the best results. Dating businesses can increase conversions by up to 20%.

Subscriptions for digital content

Use API to create flexible subscriptions depending on your business needs. Easily define billing periods, pricing levels and turning on automatic upgrades.

API + Subscriptions

SecurionPay combines two powerful technologies: Tokenization and API. The first one allows you to securely process payments with a token — a representation of a credit card — without even touching the real cardholder data. An API, however, is the most flexible way of integrating payments and gives you full control over the process of online transactions.

Subscriptions in API

New possibilities, scenarios and improvements

Our powerful API gives you huge flexibility to create payment scenarios that fit your business needs the most. Streamline the payment process and provide your customers with superior user experience.

Charge one card multiple times, without asking a customer for the details.
Make a free authorization to block funds on the customer’s card to have time for customer verification (using our fraud score).
Offer One-Click Payments to simplify the purchasing flow.
Create customers, charges, subscriptions, or plans with just a few lines of code.

Set up recurring payments today

Test subscriptions for free, create plans and stay away from chargebacks.

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