Simple price for a successful transaction:

2.95% + 0.25 Euro

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Free setup & start

With SecurionPay there are no setup fees. Implement our solutions and invest you money in your products.

Free account, forever

We don’t charge any fixed monthly fees. The more you process, the better your fees become.

Transparent and fair

Know how much you will pay and what you are paying for from the very start. There are no hidden fees or surprises.

Chargebacks & disputes

Every chargeback is subjected to a fee of 25 Euros, but you have a chance to dispute it. In case of a successful disputed claim, the full amount will be returned to you. SecurionPay actively fights fraud and helps you manage your chargebacks ratio thanks to Adjustable Fraud Prevention Suite.

Regular Merchants

2.95% + 0.25 Euro for a successful transaction

High Risk Merchants

start with 4.9% + 0.35 Euro for a transaction

Rolling reserve from 5 to 10% withhold for period of 6 months depending on the business model and volume processed.

For High-risk Merchants minimum registration fee of 500 Euros may apply.