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Subscription Plan Manager

One API — All recurring billing scenarios possible

Create an unlimited number of plans to improve customer retention. Provide various pricing tiers and flexible billing periods. No matter what you sell — do it in the most effective way!

Flexible time periods

Adjust billing frequency to your business needs — from a daily basis to charging the same rate per 6 months.

Various pricing levels

Create as many tiers as you need. Provide discounts and special offers for friends and partners.

Automatic upgrades and downgrades

The level of current plan will be automatically renewed at the end of a certain billing cycle.

Dashboard or API

Use the SecurionPay dashboard with a simple wizard or our APIs to manage Plans and Subscriptions. Choose the most effective way to set up your payments.

Plans in API reference

Trial periods

Trials are a great way for SaaS or cloud services to attract customers. Give them more time to make well-thought-out decision and move them to a regular billing cycle automatically. Just use our Plan Manager wizard to set the trial period. It’s up to you how long it will be.

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Multiple plans per customer

You can assign multiple subscriptions to a customer, using both Plan Manager and Customer Manager. If you need more advanced solutions, make your integration through the API.

Customer Manager

It’s up to you how many plans you create

You can offer publicly visible plans, available for each user, or create dedicated plans to certain partners or friends — with different billing periods and lower prices.

Plans for customers

Create specific subscription plans for specific customers so they will be charged automatically on a specific schedule. Offer various pricing levels to reach more users.

Discounted plans

You can discount subscription payments or offer a discounted trial that will be upgraded automatically after a certain period. Get loyal customers faster.

For partners only

Need to create a special plan for your partner? You can use various plans on a case-by-case basis. Focus on your business and build long-lasting relationships.

Automatic upgrades and downgrades

Provide your customers with a frictionless and uninterrupted experience and let them enjoy your products and services with all the features they need. All without any extra activity.

Subscription upgrades

Change the plan automatically right after free trials expiration, test periods, or in any other scenarios, to give your customers the best experience while using your products or services.

Subscription downgrades

Automatic downgrades are not common in business, but some of our clients have found them useful. If you need this, it is here — at your fingertips.
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Retry logic to win back failed transactions

The transaction may have failed due to multiple reasons, but the most often are insufficient funds and expiration date. Let us handle this with our retry logic and watch your revenue grow.

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Use recurring payments and create plans with powerful API.

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