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PCI Level 1 & Tokenization for Credit Card Processing

Rest assured that PCI compliance is handled properly and that both yours and your customers’ data is safeguarded against potential breaches. Let us deal with the banks on your behalf.

We cover all PCI issues

SecurionPay meets PCI level 1 compliance standards — the highest PCI level with the strictest requirements. You can be sure that your payments are highly secure.

You don’t have to be PCI compliant

Avoid the whole struggle with PCI and let us deal with the banks on your behalf. All sensitive data is handled by us and both you and your customers can enjoy fully protected and encrypted transactions.

Get full protection without extra costs

Enjoy safe transactions and tokenized data without any additional fees. Just focus on your business.

We have you covered

Accept payments with or without PCI compliance thanks to our tokenization technology, which always keeps your customers’ data secure.

PCI in a nutshell

PCI DSS is a set of regulations created by major payment card brands, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. PCI compliance is required to make online transactions secure and protect them against identity theft.


Even though PCI DSS is not part of any law, this is an internationally-used set of regulations which comes with significant penalties and costs for organizations that don’t apply to the requirements. Note that not being compliant can lead to serious security incidents.


A technology to process credit card payments online without touching card data.

We use tokens to process transactions, so any breach to your server will not harm cards. Tokenization replaces the identifying information (for instance 16-digit card number) with substituted credentials. Tokens are just random numbers, so it’s impossible to use them to steal money.


Customer enters card data

A customer inputs their credit card details. It can be done by using Custom Form, Checkout or directly with API.

Token is created on our side

A token is created in our API and card details are sent to our token server.

Token is sent back to you

The token is sent to your backend. You can securely process the payments, even without PCI compliance — leave it to us.

API and Tokenization

SecurionPay combines two powerful technologies: Tokenization and API. The first one allows you to securely process payments with a token — representation of a credit card — without even touching the real cardholder data. The API, however, is the most flexible way of payment integration that gives you full control over your payments.

Full API reference Charging cards

New possibilities, scenarios and improvements

Our powerful API gives you huge flexibility to create payment scenarios that fit your business needs best. Streamline the payment process and provide your customers with superior user experience.

Charge one card multiple times, without asking a customer for the details.
Make a free of charge authorization to block funds on the customer’s card to have time for customer verification (using our fraud score).
Offer One-Click Payments to simplify the purchasing flow.
Create customers, charges, subscriptions, or plans with just a few lines of code.

Minimize the risk of fraud today

Test payments for free, increase your revenue and reduce chargebacks.

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