Payments for travel, tickets and booking

Easy and mobile – the best experience for visitors from beginning to end

Payments for travel, tickets and booking

Travellers make their bookings with smartphones

Let’s cut to the chase – people who travel don’t want to dig out their laptops all the time. They use smartphones, poor internet connections, and credit cards. So allow them to pay for your tickets with ease, with just a few taps and no third party redirection.

Mobile payments for travel, tickets and booking
Checkout translated into 23 languages

23 language options for the booking process

Your clients may not necessarily speak your language. So make sure you give them plenty of options, this way they can easily find their native language and get on with business! Efficiency is your best friend.

Sell more services and products

Offer your visitors additional services and products during checkout in order to maximise your selling potential.

Cross sales for travel, tickets and booking

Booking – make a great first impression

Mobile friendly

Your clients are on the go – make sure you are too. Mobile optimization ensures that wherever they are: a cafe, an airplane, out to dinner – they can book their ticket with ease.

Globally available 24/7

Make your booking service available from anywhere.

In 23 languages

Treat your clients like royalty – let them finalize their bookings in their native language.

More about checkout
Simple integration, maximum security

Simple integration, maximum security

Don’t waste your time and money on complicated integrations. Instead, enjoy drag and drop set-up, and complete freedom while working with our powerful API. All of this, with maximum security.

Anti-fraud tools

Credit and debit cards

Multiple integrations

No redirections

Most of travel payments are in high risk.

In terms of payment, high-risk means that there is a higher probability that transactions will be refunded (chargeback), or cancelled. Moreover, there is a higher risk of frauds made by the customers.

High risk pricing: 4.90% + 0.35 Euro

Per charge. Simple and transparent pricing structure. Processing more than 150k Euros per month? Contact us directly at [email protected]