Payments for online gaming

Create flexible subscription plans for your wizards, commanders and hunters

Payment solution for online gaming

Recurring payments for your customers

Offer your players flexible plans with the trial periods. Give them an option to change plans easily, whenever they want.

Recurring payments for your customers
Recurring Payments

Increase your sales magically

Increase your sales magically

Wood, coal, gold, steel, and any other resources for every strategy game.

Increase your sales magically

Mana, fireballs and superpowers for the role play games.

Increase your sales magically

Credits and unique items reserved only for exclusive players.

Use our checkout features like “remember me” or cross sales to increase income.

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Integrate using Checkout

Simple and best solution with all the benefits of increased conversion.

Sell more to loyal customers with "remember me" feature
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Integrate using Custom Form

For perfect transparency and fitting into your layout.

Custom Form
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Sell faster

Our payment gateway with “remember me” feature allows your players to make instant payments.

Payment solution for online gaming


Payment solution for online gaming

Mr. Boss


Because sometimes world’s existence depends on this few seconds.

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Most of gaming is in high risk

In terms of payment, high-risk means that there is a higher probability that transactions will be refunded (chargeback), or cancelled. Moreover, there is a higher risk of frauds made by the customers.

High risk pricing: 4.90% + 0.35 Euro

Per charge. Simple and transparent pricing structure. Processing more than 150k Euros per month? Contact us directly at [email protected]