Payments for audio, files and video

Sell your content easily and increase conversion with cross sales

Payment solution for digital content

Plans and subscriptions with auto renewal

Create flexible plans with trial periods for your customers. Give them the opportunity to change plans easily.

Recurring Payments
Plans and subscriptions with auto renewal
Cross sales for digital content

Cross sales for higher income

Earn more by offering additional content in special prices.

Cross Sales Example

Mobile friendly

Customers can watch, listen or read your content on mobile. Why don’t simplify buying the content on your mobile too?

Mobile payments for digital content

Integrate using Checkout

Simple and best solution with all the benefits of increased conversion.

Sell more to loyal customers with "remember me" feature
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Integrate using Custom Form

For perfect transparency and fitting into your layout.

Custom Form
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Tobias Peer

We have tried many payment platforms before. SecurionPay turned out to be the optimal solution for our needs due to not only an easy and seamless implementation, but also thanks to the powerful features and competitive rates. They really understand the importance of customer satisfaction and ways of increasing conversion.

Tobias Peer
CEO & Co-Founder of living liquid software GmbH

Living Liquid

Most of digital content is in high risk.

In terms of payment, high-risk means that there is a higher probability that transactions will be refunded (chargeback), or cancelled. Moreover, there is a higher risk of frauds made by the customers.

High risk pricing: 4.90% + 0.35 Euro

Per charge. Simple and transparent pricing structure. Processing more than 150k Euros per month? Contact us directly at [email protected]