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One-Click Payments

Improve customer retention

Having to enter card details each time a customer wants to pay on your website could be frustrating for them. Shorten the process to the bare minimum and let them pay with a single click in seconds. Fewer clicks mean more sales.

Get more sales

It is common to save shipping information to make the purchasing process easier, but you can go even further. Do the same thing with customers’ cards details and make buying as simple as one click.

Maximize revenue with micropayments

Quick, one-click payments are usually popular in online games, entertainment and social networks. Give customers a smooth experience without interrupting their enjoyment of using the product.

Tokenization to protect sensitive information

The powerful technology behind One-Click payments makes it work fast and seamlessly. You don’t have to store any sensitive card data. Everything is covered securely with a token.

Security first

Create a safe experience for both you and your customers. Once a customer enters card details, it goes directly to our system. You don’t have to store or use any sensitive data — we’ll send you a token that represents the card.

Charge a card without asking for data

See how easy is charging the same card multiple times without asking a customer for card details each time. After completing the initial purchase by a customer, we’ll send you a token that represents the card.

Minimize the risk

You can ask customers for CVV/CVC each time they pay on your website to maximize the security. The transaction will be completed right after entering three digits and clicking the payment button.

How frequent customers use
One-Click Payments

One-Click payments are possible right after the initial transaction. Once a customer enters the card details, he can pay with a single click on each site using SecurionPay Checkout. This is a convenient solution for businesses that require customers to sign up.

The customer decides to buy a product and clicks the “Pay €10” button.

Assuming that a customer has made a payment on your website before, you already have a token that replaces his payment details. This lets you display the last 4 digits of the card number and card brand to inform a customer what payment method is used.

The customer makes a successful payment with a single click, without providing any data.

You need to use an API to charge the card. Once it’s done, you will get a confirmation from our server. The charge details will be visible in the Customer Manager.

“Remember me” for quick and easy Checkout integration

Use “Remember me” feature for Checkout, if you don’t have time and resources for API integration.

Simple and fast integration. Use Checkout Request or API documentation to turn on the feature.
Only CVV is required to complete a payment.
You get access to all customers saved in the SecurionPay system.
Provide extra security with SMS verification code.

Combine features to increase revenue, minimize fraud costs and provide better UX


Payment form with simplified user flow. Automatically display payments translated into one of 24 languages, sell globally in 160 currencies and provide your customers with a local experience.

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3D Secure

Cut out 73% of chargebacks with non-invasive 3D Secure verification and improve your company’s liquidity.

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Offer extra items right after the initial purchasing is completed and watch your sales grow.

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Delayed capture

Delay payments between authorization and capture processing and gain time to check the transaction against fraud.

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Expand business model

Set up any payment scenario you need and combine various billing models to make your business more profitable.

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API + Tokenization

SecurionPay combines two powerful technologies: Tokenization and API. The first one allows you to securely process payments with a token — a representation of a credit card — without even touching the real cardholder data. An API, however, is the most flexible way of integrating payments and gives you full control over the process of online transactions.

Full API reference PCI and tokenization

New possibilities, scenarios and improvements

Our powerful API gives you huge flexibility to create payment scenarios that fit your business needs the most. Streamline the payment process and provide your customers with superior user experience.

Charge one card multiple times, without asking a customer for the details.
Make a free authorization to block funds on the customer’s card to have time for customer verification (using our fraud score).
Offer One-Click Payments to simplify the purchasing flow.
Create customers, charges, subscriptions, or plans with just a few lines of code.

Payments that increase sales. Try it today!

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