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Original Credit Transactions (OCT) with Visa Direct

The safest way to send funds with Visa Direct

Send money directly to your customer’s credit and debit cards. Make convenient payouts in seconds without touching any sensitive data, and provide a superior user experience.

Secure and easy

PCI compliant money transferring made directly from acquiring bank to a customer’s debit or credit card. No IBAN or BIC numbers needed.

Global coverage

Send money to beneficiaries across multiple countries, in various currencies. Directly to their cards.

Improved customer experience

An efficient and convenient way of sending money directly to your customers and partners’ cards at the speed they expect.

Perfect for affiliate and contractor payouts

Streamline your business with the fastest and most convenient way of sending funds to your customers anytime you need — automatically or manually.

Gaming industry
Affiliate and contractor payouts

Payouts to credit and debit cards

Help your customers and beneficiaries get their rewards directly to their cards, backed by the highest security standards.

Make payouts via API
Use the dashboard to make a payout

160 currencies supported

Run your global business with Visa Direct that allow merchants to send funds to cardholders in 160 currencies.

Cross-border payouts
Faster settlement

How direct-to-card payouts work?


The merchant uses the dashboard or API to provide transaction details to make a transfer.

SecurionPay submits transaction details to the acquiring bank.

A customer receives the funds directly to their credit or debit card within 24 hours.

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