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SecurionPay – The Safest Online Payment Platform On The Market

SecurionPay is a payment platform with Swiss roots that is technologically advanced, but very easy to implement and use. The story behind our company is straightforward.

Serving Online Customers the Swiss Way

“As a payment processing company based in Switzerland, we know the local market inside out. Combining it with years of experience in the payment industry, a network of local partners, and global coverage, it’s easier for us to address the challenges and demanding needs of Swiss companies and their customers,” says Lucas Jankowiak, CEO of SecurionPay.

Best Payment Gateway Providers in Europe in 2021

SecurionPay is on the list of top European payment processors, recognized for its versatile APIs, responsive tech support, security, and elegant interface.

How digital transformation can future-proof Swiss banking

The future is wide open for both fintechs and banks, but the question is how they will use the opportunities that lie ahead. Meanwhile, fintechs outperform banks in providing technology, convenience, and user experience that people expect nowadays.

Lukas Dominik Jankowiak: “Il y a un fort besoin de paiements en un clic”

Read an interview with Lucas Jankowiak, CEO of SecurionPay.

SecurionPay Announced as Sponsors of the GDI Power Book 2019

Lucas Jankowiak, CEO of SecurionPay, said: “As payment processors deeply embedded in the app economy, we love matching with dating brands of all sizes and helping them to make online dating way easier!”

Advanced Payment Gateways with Adam Zamecki of SecurionPay

In the beginning, SeucrionPay had a simple aim: “Let’s build it agile and fast, with the most versatile API so it will support each and every payment scenario our clients could wish to create.” Then they went further, creating “a system that’s fun and flexible for developers —but equally easy for someone who does not speak in ones and zeros.”

“A Successful Company Never Stops Innovating”, Says Swiss FinTech SecurionPay

In the financial service industry, innovation is vital for survival. We spoke to Sandra Wróbel-Konior, Marketing Manager at SecurionPay, about their newly developed solutions, such as a non-invasive 3D authentication, and the company’s 3-digit growth rate.

SecurionPay Expects Busy Valentine’s Season

Lucas Jankowiak, SecurionPay’s CEO said: “With no doubt, Valentine’s Day is the busiest time for online dating sites, so these businesses need to be sure that, no matter what, everything will work perfectly, especially when its about payments. And with SecurionPay that can rest assured that nothing unexpected will happen.”

XTB and SecurionPay Join Forces to Improve Forex Trading

SecurionPay has quickly become a partner of choice for many European businesses within various industries and have now opened its platform to forex as well. XTB chose Swiss platform as their payment partner for its versatile APIs and unique technological solutions that meet the XTB fast-growing business needs and global presence.