Payments for Amazon AWS - SecurionPay - Payment Platform With Advanced Technology

Take full advantage of your infrastructure on AWS

If you’re on AWS, SecurionPay is your payment platform of choice. Since we’re also hosted inside AWS, you get plenty of additional benefits – shorter response times, better security and plenty of unique integrations.

Connectivity: all requests with lightning speed

All payment transactions are initialized and processed within the same infrastructure as your application. You will immediately notice a difference when making a big number of requests to our API.

Your customers will benefit from shorter response times. And your application tests will run much faster.

Security with AWS PrivateLink

Use direct connection between SecurionPay and your AWS account to enhance your security.

Set up AWS PrivateLink and block requests from the public Internet. Critical requests to our API will be allowed from your AWS resources only. Fraudsters, former employees or anyone else having access to your private API key won’t be able to use it.

More about PrivateLink

Receive webhooks with your AWS services

Stop using HTTP webhooks, integrate your system with SecurionPay using SQS, SNS or Kinesis to enhance security, save time and costs. And most of all: unlock new possibilities.


Set up a FIFO queue and have us send webhooks to it. That’s way more secure than sending it through the Internet.

More about SQS


Connect webhooks to Kinesis and unleash the power of this amazing tool. Plenty of brilliant scenarios, example below.

More about Kinesis

Simple Notification Service

Take advantage of the Amazon Simple Notification Service and get email or text notifications as soon as the events occur.

More about SNS

Use Case Example

Kinesis + Lambda + RDS + QuickSight

Synchronize the data from SecurionPay with your Amazon RDS. Make the most of your payment information with SQL queries using real-time data. Use QuickSight to gain market advantage with unique business intelligence and reports.

QuickSight reports

Use business analytics service to handle your data workloads, produce insights and render various types of visualization in seconds.

More about QuickSight

Process data in real-time

Read data from a streaming source, process and analyze it with SQL and create real-time insights.

How to set it up

Integrate Amazon Kinesis to your Amazon RDS to process all the relevant data from your SecurionPay account. You’re just a few steps away from turning your business data into insight.

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