features mobile payments

Mobile payments

Well-designed and simplified payment experience

Mobile payments for travel, tickets and booking

Less than 2 minutes to complete a purchase

Let your customers pay fast and convenient on the go. Make it easy with responsive payment process.

Works on Android and iOS

Customer-friendly checkout

Well-designed payment form across all devices

Top UX design and simplified payments

Provide a smooth and seamless experience with mobile customers’ habits in mind. Asking only for essentials makes payments quick and more effective.

Reduce purchasing to one action

Stop redirecting customers to a slow 3rd party payment website

Provide highly secure payments and make sure credit card data won’t touch your server


“Remember me” option with one-click payments

Frequent shoppers can pay with a click, without remembering their credit card details. Their convenience means more completed sales.

Purchase completed in seconds

Extra security layer with SMS verification

More sales from existing customers

Mobile payments for SaaS

Create your own payment scenario and convert users into customers. Eliminate delays in payments and take your business to the next level.

Recurring payments

Zapier integration

Mobile payments for Dating

Create a one of a kind dating experience for mobile love seekers. Provide them with simplified payment flow, making it easy to flirt on the go.

Flexible plans

One-click payments

Mobile payments for eCommerce

Give customers the option to pay with a click for your products. Use upsells to grow your performance and forget about abandoned carts.

No redirections

Upsells with one-click payments

Mobile payments for Gaming

Let players buy credits and special items with a click. Create flexible plans with trial periods that renew automatically.

Fast one-click payments

Perfect for selling credits or virtual coins

20% of online sales are made through mobile devices

Designed to fit any screen size

Payment form fit the area and contain only necessary fields to fill in. Extremely simple way to make shopping on the go.

Simplified user flow

Say goodbye to ugly payment forms, redirections to slow websites and customer’s frustration. Give your customers the convenience they look for.

Meet expectations of today’s customer

Responsive websites are nothing special today, but you also need a responsive payment solution. Seamless and hassle-free mobile payments lower the number of abandoned carts.