Checkout from SecurionPay

Checkout integration

The best payments for SaaS businesses and online retailers. Built to simplify the payment process.

Checkout from SecurionPay

Improve your sales and clients’ satisfaction

Provide the best shopping experience and reduce abandonment rate. Well-designed, simplified user flow makes the payment process easy and flawless.

Cards accepted by SecurionPay

Stop losing clients by redirecting to other sites

Every time you redirect customers to a 3rd party payment service, you hurt conversion. Let them pay on your page and increase sales.

The abandonment rate decreased by 12%

Better shopping experience

Full control over the shopping process

Drag and drop implementation

Use simple drag and drop integration

We have an extremely easy drag and drop solution for non-developers that lets you add payments in minutes. You can add extra features and customization with just a few lines of code. It won’t take longer than a lunch break for a junior developer to implement.

Sell more with Cross Sales

Display extra offers right after completing the initial transaction. Improve sales and watch your business grow.

Full control over the offers displayed

Set up cross-sales between partners

Increase sales by up to 25%

Single Payment-dating-xsales

To membership plan additional pack of credits is offered.

Example with cross sales
"Remember me" feature

Speed up payments with “Remember me”

Your customers can save their card information for future use. A faster shopping experience for them, a higher conversion for you. It’s a win-win situation, with maximum security.

Clients can pay in 23 languages

Provide your clients with a true local shopping experience even if you sell globally. Checkout recognises 23 languages and makes an automatic translation.

bg – Bulgarian fr – French pt – Portuguese
cs – Czech hr – Croatian ro – Romanian
da – Danish hu – Hungarian ru – Russian
de – German it – Italian sk – Slovak
el – Greek lt – Lithuanian sl – Slovenian
es – Spanish lv – Latvian nl-BE – Dutch/Belgium
en – English nl – Dutch
et – Estonian pl – Polish
fi – Finnish
Checkout translated into 23 languages

Truly “Buy now” experience

“Buy now” means NOW. Without redirecting to multi-step checkout or third party payments. The entire transaction, including shipping details, is done right on the product page in seconds.

Entire checkout process in 60 seconds

Full control and no redirections

Perfect buying process for fast shopping

Checkout vs Custom Form

Custom Form


Simple pop-up with payments. Well-designed, mobile friendly and ready to use. Extremely easy to integrate and designed for quick shopping.

Custom form

Payment form embedded into your website. Fully customisable with endless payment scenarios. Adds a professional touch to your payments.

Checkout is best for:

  • Online businesses that need “Quick buy” option
  • Online businesses that want to offer extra products or services
  • SaaS businesses or online retailers that don’t have a complex shopping process

Custom Form is best for:

  • Online businesses that care about conversion
  • Online businesses want to create the perfect shopping experience
  • Businesses that need to ask for credit cards in other places than just the payment process

Customization and flexibility


Ease of integration


Sales improvement


Customization and flexibility


Ease of integration


Sales improvement

Custom Form