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Can I obtain the SecurionPay logo and place it on my payment page?

Of course. You can receive it directly from our marketing department via [email protected]

or find it here.

Where can a satisfied client write testimonials?

Please feel free to contact us. Your satisfaction is always the greatest reward for us. We will be more than happy to publish your testimonials on our home page.

Additionally, if you’d like to provide satisfied commentary on review websites, please use one of the following links:

SecurionPay on Trustpilot

SecurionPay on GetApp

SecurionPay on G2Crowd

SecurionPay on Capterra

What is the SecurionPay blog?

This is one of the ways we wish to communicate with our partners every time there is something new and exciting happening with SecurionPay. This can refer to new feature releases or certain platform improvements. But, the blog can also be a source of interesting articles or reading materials we wish to share with you. Click here to go to SecurionPay blog.

Where can I find more information about SecurionPay besides the website?

Check out our social media sites and YouTube channel with helpful videos about our services and the payment industry.

SecurionPay on YouTube

SecurionPay on Facebook

SecurionPay on LinkedIn

SecurionPay on Twitter

How can SecurionPay enhance my UX?

SecurionPay checkout is designed with online consumers needs in mind, so it simplifies the entire payment process, making it fast and intuitive. Moreover, there are no redirects to external services, so you are sure that customers stay right on your website during a payment process.

As you may guess, all of these enhance your credibility and build users trust. Also, your customers provide only the information needed to complete a payment, which decreases the abandonment rate. You should also know that SecurionPay is mobile friendly!