SecurionPay fees and payments

Fees and Payments

How much does SecurionPay charge for the service?

For low-risk merchants, our offer starts from 2.95% + 0.25 euros per every transaction. If your monthly volume exceeds 150,000 euros, contact our sales team to arrange your special conditions ([email protected]).

For high-risk merchants, SecurionPay charges a processing fee starting from 4.9% + 0.35 euros for every transaction. Once your volume increases, the processing fee will decrease. If your monthly volume exceeds 150,000 euros, contact our sales team to arrange your special conditions ([email protected]).

Please note that these are the standard rates, but can be negotiated depending on your business structure, model, traffic, and volume.

What will my customer see on the bank statement after completing a purchase via SecurionPay?

Your customer will see your chosen descriptor on his/her bank statement, which is something that identifies your shop/services and provides a possibility to contact you directly via a listed phone number or website. Please be aware that certain banks do tend to shorten the descriptor leaving only the shop identification. For more information on choosing the right descriptor please see Transaction descriptors — Everything you wanted to know.

Can the user details be saved, so one doesn’t need to re-enter his information again?

Yes. All user data is saved on SecurionPay’s side. This guarantees user security and makes repeated purchases much faster and easier.

Can I do automatic recurring transactions?

Yes, you can.

Which cards does SecurionPay accept?

Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro (3DS only), JCB, Diners, and Discover.

What different types of payment methods can SecurionPay accept?

Debit, credit and prepaid cards offered by the card brands we accept. We can also provide wire transfers but you’d have to set up a bank account in addition to the merchant account with our acquiring bank.

Can SecurionPay process pre-paid credit cards?

Yes, if it belongs to the supported list of brands provided by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, Discover.

Can I have a bank account in a different place than my company?

Yes. As long as the beneficiary of the bank account for settlements is in the name of the bank’s contractual party or it’s mother / daughter company. Funds can be distributed globally.

Can I use SecurionPay for subscriptions, one-time payments and dynamic pricing?

Yes. These are all supported by SecurionPay.

Can we accept Digital Wallets? If so, please list all

Unfortunately no.

How do your OCT payments work?

Using the dashboard or API, the merchant details are provided to make a transfer, SecurionPay submits the information to the bank and then the customer receives the funds on their card within 30 mins.

If we charge in USD, do you convert immediately to EURO? If yes, what would be the conversion rate?

The conversion is done through the acquiring bank during payouts to your bank account and the exchange rate is taken from the global market exchange rate.

Do you use Visa Direct and/or Mastercard Moneysend partnership APIs?

No, we don’t use them.

Can we choose multiple-currency account?

Yes of course.

Are there any extra fees for multiple-currency account?

No, we won’t charge you any additional fee.

Do you offer Android Pay and what is the process?

No we don’t, but SecurionPay works on mobile the same way as on desktop.