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Charges and Refunds

Can I process refunds?

Yes, you can process refunds through SecurionPay payment gateway.

Can I process partial refunds?

Yes, you can process partial refunds.

Why do I get refund limit exceeded error?

The refund limit is set by the acquiring bank and its default value is 25% of the charges volume in the 30 preceding days. Usually, the limit is exceeded at the beginning of live processing, when the volume of charges is small. Please note that the limit is determined individually for each currency.

What additional charges should I be aware of?

SecurionPay provides a blended rate and a clear and transparent fees structure, without any hidden or extra fees in the long run. The blended rate is a rate that takes into consideration all the traffic sources, so the same fee is applied regardless of where the transaction comes from. Apart from our fees per transactions, please note that there is a refund fee, chargeback fee, multiple currency fee and reserve % adjusted to your monthly processed volume. For some high-risk business models, there is a registration fee of 500 euros requested.