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How To Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rate Only In Two Weeks

The Ultimate Guide for eCommerce

How To Increase eCommerce Conversion Only In Two Weeks
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There are many reasons your customers abandon their shopping carts, but it doesn’t mean that the sale is lost! See what you can do to keep your customers on your site and increase their willingness to buy.

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30 methods to improve the usability of your eCommerce website
Proven ways for acquiring new customers
Pro tips from the well-known eCommerce experts
15 useful ideas to improve your checkout
Proven tips for making your payment process easier
Techniques to improve your mobile eCommerce

Table of content

How To Acquire Customers?

  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer support
  • Analytics

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Ecommerce Website

  • Usability
  • Copywriting & Product Issues
  • Features

How To Improve Your Shopping Cart?

  • Don’t hide the costs
  • Focus on the price
  • Show the total price
  • Provide price protection guarantee
  • Display the price in a local currency
  • Let customers edit the cart
  • Show product images
  • Don’t hide the cart
  • Remove other links
  • Offer multiple delivery options
  • Show delivery time
  • Provide clear return policy
  • Offer free shipping
  • Reduce shipping cost
  • Add product customization

How To Improve Checkout Usability?

  • Design with a unique feeling
  • Don’t complicate the checkout process
  • Provide “guest checkout”
  • Show the coupon code to targeted audience
  • Add security badges
  • Add recognizable logos
  • Ask for essentials only
  • Provide auto-completed form fields
  • Use input masks
  • Display descriptions and error indicators
  • Provide one-page checkout
  • Use cross-selling
  • Try up-selling
  • Or down-selling
  • Use clear call to action

How To Make Payment Process Easy?

  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Simple Payment Forms
  • Payment Without Redirection
  • One-click payment option
  • Mobile Payments

Guide To Choosing The Right Payment Gateway

  • Payments solution costs too much
  • It is hard to integrate the payment gateway
  • Customer support sucks
  • Payment gateway doesn’t accept essential payment methods
  • The payment form looks cheesy
  • Security level

Why Going Mobile Is Important For Your Business?

  • Better experience
  • One-click Payments
  • Cross sales
  • Bigger input fields
  • Text input get to the minimum
  • Higher conversion
  • Mobile payments security


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