When you are testing your integration with SecurionPay you may find it useful to view requests logs in your dashboard.

Test card numbers

When making requests in test mode you must use one of following cards to simulate successful charge:

Card numberCard type
4000056655665556Visa (debit)
5200828282828210MasterCard (debit)
378282246310005American Express
371449635398431American Express
30569309025904Diners Club
38520000023237Diners Club

Testing validation errors

In test mode, you can use one of the following card numbers to test validation errors.

Errors can be simulated by creating token, charge or subscription.

Card numberError code and description
4024007102349866invalid_number - The card number is not a valid card number.
4532873294814636invalid_expiry_month - The card's expiration month is invalid.
4532582477951947invalid_expiry_year - The card's expiration year is invalid.
4024007189368227invalid_cvc - Your card's security code is invalid.
4916487051294548expired_card - The card has expired.

Testing card processing errors

In test mode, you can use one of the following card numbers to test various error responses.

Errors can be simulated only by creating charge or subscription. Note that creating a token won’t return an error.

Card numberError code and description
4024007134364842incorrect_cvc - The card's security code failed verification.
4929225021529113incorrect_zip - The card's zip code failed validation.
4024007118468684insufficient_funds - The charge amount exceeds the available fund or the card's credit limit.
4024007114621187lost_or_stolen - The card is marked as lost or stolen.
4024007155502486suspected_fraud - The charge is suspected to be fraudulent.
4916018475814056card_declined - The card was declined for other reason.
4916449457024978authentication_required - The charge requires cardholder authentication.
4024007114166316processing_error - An error occurred while processing the card.
4242000000000083This card will only work when CVC is 123. Otherwise it will return incorrect_cvc error code.

Testing disputes

In test mode, you can test charge disputes by creating charges with one of following cards:

Card numberDispute type
4242000000000026Retrieval request (soft chargeback)

Note that charge created with one of those cards won't be disputed immediately after creation - usually you need to wait about 1 minute for charge to change status to disputed.

When testing disputes it is also possible to simulate different dispute flows. To do this you need enter winning_evidence or losing_evidence text into uncategorized_text field.

Testing fraud check

In test mode, you can test fraud check by creating charges with one of following cards:

Card numberFraud check result
4242000000000208Fraudulent (with fraud warning)

Testing 3D Secure

In test mode, you can test 3D Secure by using one of following cards:

Card number3D Secure check result
4012001800000016Enrolled for 3D Secure 2
4242000000000109Enrolled for 3D Secure 1
all other test cardsNot enrolled for 3D Secure

Testing credit

In test mode, you can test credit by using one of following cards:

Card numberCredit result
4242000000011114Successful (with fast credit support)
all other test cardsSuccessful