Customer records

Once customer choose to remember his card data SecurionPay allows merchants to track this customer's activity through a customer record.

1€ fee will be applied to create or refresh full customer record one time. For your convenience you can also activate subscription mode. In this case we will provide you with real time updates of this customer record for just 1% of the value of a transaction this customer makes on your website. Real time updates will be free of charge if customer made first transaction with SecurionPay Checkout on your website with preselected remember me option.

For more details see how to become a data provider.

Example customer records

Below you can see two example customer records:

Sam Perfect
  • 17 transactions
  • 1,850€ volume
  • 1 refund
  • 0 chargebacks
  • confirmed phone number
John Fraudster
  • 19 transactions
  • 1,850€ volume
  • 3 refunds
  • 14 chargebacks

Which of these customers you would like to do business with? The choice is obvious!