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Delayed capture

Use delayed capture to freeze customer’s funds on a card and gain time to verify their identity. Decrease the number of chargebacks and make sure your business is secure.

Here’s how delayed capture works

Authorize the card and check its validity

Authorization results in blocking funds on a customer’s card for up to 7 days for debit cards and 28 for credit cards. It gives you time to ensure that the customer’s card is valid. This operation is free of charge at SecurionPay.

Deliver the service or goods

You can deliver the product to a customer, while funds are blocked. But, if you have any suspicion about a customer, you can simply do nothing — the frozen funds will be returned to the customer after a given period of time.

Capture funds after delivery

When a customer received their goods or services and you know that he’s not going to claim money back, you can capture the funds. After that, the money will be taken from the customer’s card, so the transaction will be completed. Only then will you will pay a transaction fee.

The payment scenario that works for you

Use delayed capture to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Delayed capture feature works well with 3D Secure authentication and recurring billing.

Protect your business against chargebacks

The possibility of delaying payments between authorization and capture processing gives you more time to check the transaction against fraud. It comes with fewer chargebacks and fewer refund requests.

“Money back” without transaction costs

By blocking funds on a customer’s card, you can offer a money back guarantee, without paying anything extra for it.

Verify customers

Create a payment scenario that enables you to check a customer against fraud before delivering goods or services. Avoid making refunds by cancelling payments before capture, save time and transaction fees.

Improve your business performance

Delayed capture works well for all business models most exposed to a “friendly fraud” and fraud connected with shipping products or services. If your business tackles many disputes, delayed capture will help you improve customer satisfaction.

High risk
B2B Businesses
Content providers

PCI Level 1

We meet all PCI compliance standards, so you are sure that customer’s data is highly protected.

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Improve conversion rate

Enjoy sales growth and gain customer loyalty.

Limit chargebacks

Stay ahead of fraudsters and keep your chargeback ratio on the right track.