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Customer Manager

Subscriptions, charges, events, updates, and more

Get full control over your payments and your customers behavior. Browse the payment history, manage transactions, create charges, or assign customers to certain subscriptions.

Create customers in your Dashboard

Do you need to assign a subscription to your offline customer manually? No problem! With Customer Manager you can do this within seconds.

Multiple cards for a customer

Customers can have multiple cards attached to them so you can easily specify which one will be charged under a certain subscription. You can use different cards for different subscriptions on the same customer.

Saving cards for future payments

Card once saved in the SecurionPay system can be charged by a Merchant in the future. It’s convenient, especially when you provide additional services offline.

Multiple billing models for a single customer

Grow your business performance by providing various products and services. You can offer your subscribers extra products to pay for with just a click.

Make a charge or refund with ease

Go to your Dashboard any time you need to make a charge or refund on a specified customer. You can easily do this with just a few clicks.

Payment history with Events and Logs

Have full control over the transactions and payment history, receive notifications from SecurionPay events and stay updated. You can easily access it via API in the web console. Add your own events to the code and enjoy the best experience.

Try payment scenarios in seconds

Create a free account to test your integration in the sandbox mode before going live, to make sure that our system meets your needs. Run test subscriptions, manage customers and create charges. We’re giving you the best way possible to verify all the possibilities you may create with SecurionPay.


API and Tokenization

SecurionPay combines two powerful technologies: Tokenization and API. The first one allows you to securely process payments with a token — representation of a credit card — without even touching the real cardholder data. The API, however, is the most flexible way of payment integration that gives you full control over your payments.

Full API reference PCI and tokenization

Possible scenarios with SecurionPay

Our powerful API gives you huge flexibility to create payment scenarios that fit your business needs best. Streamline the payment process and provide your customers with superior user experience.

Charge one card multiple times, without asking a customer for the details.
Make a free of charge authorization to block funds on the customer’s card to have time for customer verification (using our fraud score).
Offer One-Click Payments to simplify the purchasing flow.
Create customers, charges, subscriptions, or plans with just a few lines of code.

Set up your payments today

Test it for free, increase your revenue and reduce chargebacks.

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