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Anti-Fraud Customer Blacklist

Act effectively against online financial fraud and use blacklisting to advance transaction security on your website. Exclude suspicious customers by region, IP address, credit card details, etc. When there’s a match with the details of a blacklisted customer, the transaction won’t be completed.

Blacklist unwanted customers

Identify suspicious buyers and keep them away to protect your real customers’ data.

Automated blacklist

Create custom blacklisting rules and automatically block suspicious attempts.

Improve your business credibility

Use our Customer Manager to blacklist suspicious customer to improve your business security.

Prevent fraud before it affects your business

Blacklisting works in real-time and blocks transactions that include listed details. Filters check the transaction’s authenticity by monitoring and investigating customer’s IP address, region, credit card number or e-mail address.

Protect your customers

The credibility of any brand lies in how safe the customers find themselves in dealing with their website. Identify the risk, keep your system clean and safe from fraudsters.

Higher protection level

Get the right protection for your customers and make them stay longer with your business. Keep fraudsters away and provide customers with the safe and convenient shopping experience.

Limit chargebacks

Safeguard your company from chargeback risk by spotting potential fraud before it can have damaging affection on your business.

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Non-invasive 3D Secure

Extra security layer for your payments with superior UX that doesn’t interrupt the payment process.

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