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One-Click Payment Gateway & Checkout

30% more transactions with One-Click Payment Cross-Sales displayed right after initial purchase.

Non-intrusive Cross-selling

Give customers a smooth experience, without disturbing their payment process. Offer extra products right after they click “Pay” to get the best sales results.

Create your own marketplace

Connect with other merchants with just a few clicks to sell complementary products or services.

Offer extra products or services right after completing the initial transaction. Customers can buy another item with a single click thanks to our API and Tokenization system that safely stores credit card data and prevents data breaches.

The best payment experience through Checkout

Create payment scenarios that meet your business needs and watch the magic happen. Let customers buy extra items with a single click. Easy, simple, and conversion-friendly.

Cross-Sales between Merchants

Our Cross-Sales feature works between MIDs. Create offers that other merchants can use on their sites and vice versa. Connect with partners with just a few clicks.

Boost your sales

The perfect solution for both large and small merchants. Cross-selling has given our clients as much as a 22% increase in sales.

How our Cross Sales feature works

Setting Cross-Sales up takes just a few minutes — go to the Dashboard and enter all the details in the easy-to-use form. It’s as simple as choosing the type of your cross-sales — Charge or Subscription and adding text, image, and the offer ID. When you’re done, add the code to your website and enjoy watching sales roll in with Cross-Sales.

From the client’s perspective the process looks like this:

Making an initial purchase: entering an email address, card number, expiration date and CVV (and 3D Secure code if needed).
Clicking the “Pay” button to complete the purchase.
Once the initial transaction is completed, a Cross-Sales offer is displayed.
Buying an extra item with just a click. Since we have all necessary payment data in our system, the customer can buy Cross-Sales offers without re-entering card details.
Cross sales feature for dating websites

Combine features to increase revenue, minimize fraud costs and provide better UX


Payment form with simplified user flow. Automatically display payments translated into one of 23 languages, sell globally in 160 currencies and provide your customers with a local experience.

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3D Secure

Cut out 73% of chargebacks with non-invasive 3D Secure verification and improve your company’s liquidity.

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“Remember me”

Let customers save their card details for future use and pay with a single click, without any redirection.

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Delayed capture

Delay payments between authorization and capture processing and gain time to check the transaction against fraud.

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Expand business model

Set up any payment scenario you need and combine various billing models to make your business more profitable.

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API + Tokenization

SecurionPay combines two powerful technologies: Tokenization and API. The first one allows you to securely process payments with a token — a representation of a credit card — without even touching the real cardholder data. An API, however, is the most flexible way of integrating payments and gives you full control over the process of online transactions.

Full API reference PCI and tokenization

New possibilities, scenarios and improvements

Our powerful API gives you huge flexibility to create payment scenarios that fit your business needs the most. Streamline the payment process and provide your customers with superior user experience.

Charge one card multiple times, without asking a customer for the details.
Make a free authorization to block funds on the customer’s card to have time for customer verification (using our fraud score).
Offer One-Click Payments to simplify the purchasing flow.
Create customers, charges, subscriptions, or plans with just a few lines of code.

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