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Customer-friendly checkout design to increase sales

eCommerce: Lower number of clicks and inputs

The power of optimisation and design

  • Just 3 checkout inputs required
  • Only 12 inputs for payments with shipping information
  • Faster payment process
  • User-friendly design to increase trust
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SecurionPay improves UX and payment flow in eCommerce shopping process 

Use ready-made Checkout or embed a Custom form for better user experience. With our payment solution, shopping can be completed in 1 minute. And with Custom form it may be faster by 2-4 minutes. Your conversion increases by 35%.

Platforms and apps: Quick payments without redirects

Keep clients on your website

  • Quick and simple payments without distractions
  • Complete control over the payment form and the entire payment process
  • Customer’s trust increased
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Let customers buy easily without leaving your website

The entire payment process takes place on your website and you can indicate which input fields to include. Professional and safe payments without redirection increase customer’s trust. Embedding the credit card payment form on your site increases conversion by up to 19%.

Language and currency fit into the global market

Provide the local experience

  • Customers are more willing to buy in their local currency
  • More completed payments with checkout translated into your customer’s language
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Meet customer’s expectations with Checkout

With our Checkout, you automatically display the payment form translated into one of 23 languages. You can sell globally in 160 currencies and provide your customers with a local experience.  A language detection increases payment conversion by 9%.


Smarter security
to increase conversion rate

Limit fraud attempts with machine learning

Detect fraud with the highest level of accuracy

  • Improve conversion rate with highly-effective fraud detecting system
  • Make the accurate analysis and predictions in real-time
  • Lower chargeback ratio and don’t lose your money
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Lower fraud attempts with SecurionPay

We provide a fraud detection system on three levels: our Adjustable Fraud Prevention Suite, Sift-Science tool and fraud tools managed by banks. Your customers’ transactions are secured and checked with high accuracy. Effect? 4% more completed transactions thanks to fraud detection system that doesn’t reject real buyers.

Minimise chergebacks with 3D Secure

Reduce chargeback ratio

  • Add 3D Secure authentication to your payments to lower the number of chargebacks
  • Fit 3D Secure method into your payment scenario
  • Fewer chargebacks means improved cash flow
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Extra security layer with 3D Secure

Lower the cost of running your online business by adding 3D Secure authentication to your payment form. Improve company’s liquidity and make payments more secure. Reduce 73% of chargebacks with 3D Secure.



Free test payments

Too good to be true? You can verify us easily by running A/B tests. The integration process takes 2-5 hours thanks to our robust and flexible APIs. Note that the test account is free and there are no setup fees. We will charge you only for live transactions.

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Higher revenue
to make your business more profitable

Add cross-sales to your payments

Boost your sales with cross-sales feature

  • You have full control over displaying offers
  • Customers buy another item with a single click which adds convenience
  • Create a marketplace
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Grow the number of transactions

Add cross-sales to your Checkout in minutes, with just one line of code. Your customers buy another item with a single click after they complete the initial offer. Easy, simple and conversion-friendly. Cross-selling or up-selling gave our clients even 22% sales increase.

One-click payments for returning clients

One-click payments to simplify user flow

  • Growing base of loyal customers
  • Easier payments on mobile devices
  • Returning customers won’t have to enter their data again
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Make your payments simple

Provide quick and simple payments to your loyal customers and let them pay in seconds. It’s possible thanks to the “Remember me” option which is based on securely storing customer’s credit and debit card data.Using one-click payments generates a 73% increase of completed payments.


Make SecurionPay
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