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Why We Put Such a Strong Focus on Checkout UX

No matter how hard you try to attract customers to your online store, you’ll lose them if they get stuck at checkout. That’s why you need a payment platform with experience-backed insights to keep pace with market challenges and customers’ needs.

Over the years, online payments have gained visibility, but this visibility comes with more things to manage, from new payment methods and regulations to security measures. That’s why the process needs to be constantly improved. It’s especially important today when most of our daily activities have moved online.

Focus on your business and let us take care of the rest

The challenge is to stay compliant with all regulations and meet the market’s demanding needs while making the payment process less complicated. That’s why we, at SecurionPay, do everything in our power to handle your technical headaches and make you feel confident in running your online business. You can accept money from a global audience and minimize the annoying burden on your customers: no leaving the site, no distractions.

We have listened to merchants’ needs from the very start. That’s how our company started. We wanted to deliver a simple-to-implement yet technologically advanced solution that makes it possible to manage every payment scenario, even the most complicated ones. The system needed to be both flexible and simple for developers and business people. As a result, you get a simple but well-designed checkout with an outstanding user experience.

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We all know the last thing customers want to deal with is confusion. How a checkout is designed can make or break a purchase. From the very start, we’re focused on creating a payment process that doesn’t redirect your customers to an external service.

What’s in it for you? It won’t hurt your conversion rate.

Less (Clicks) Is More

PYMNTS’s research shows that merchants who provide solutions to move customers quickly through the payment process have the best checkout conversion rates. Customers shopping at top-performing merchants took an average of 119 seconds and 17 clicks to complete their purchase, while the average process takes 161 seconds and 22 clicks.

SecurionPay checkout

It has become easier and faster to interact with technology, so why would you stick your customers with long processes while shopping around? We took up the challenge and created ways to shorten the checkout process to 14 clicks by using the power of design. As we all know, fewer clicks mean more sales.

More to come in 2021

We’re currently working on adding extra security measures to the checkout process while still keeping it as quick and seamless as possible. As always, it will be available without having to make major code changes on your end.

Want to be among the top performers and remove friction from your checkout? If you’re looking for a payment platform that fits your business needs and covers your payment scenarios, feel free to reach out. Let’s talk about the opportunities that lie ahead.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn.