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TES Affiliate Conferences

Year after year, TES Affiliate Conferences has continued its mission to bring together professionals from the online entertainment industry for one of the best meet-ups. 

Whether your business is in e-commerce, financials, gaming, gambling, dating, forex, health, or nutraceuticals – The European Summit is the go-to place for superior networking experience.

What is TES Affiliate Conferences?

Founded in 2009, TES Affiliate Conferences are events that occur biannually in Prague and Lisbon/Cascais alternately and are today considered the premier networking conferences for providers of digital products and services.

On top of its educational value, TES is geared towards enabling its attendees and delegates superior networking experience. This is one of the reasons why TES kicks off with its trademark hospitality day for all participants.

Among the exhibitors are representatives of various verticals like: 

Mainstream digital products
Affiliate and advertising networks
Payment gateways
Adult entertainment
Nutraceutical/health products
Astro/esoteric products
Blockchain/crypto technology

There are also a lot of advertisers and individual affiliates looking for solutions to their problems.

What are some typical TES events and attractions?

TES Affiliate Conferences has evolved very quickly in becoming one of the most important conferences in the affiliate marketing industry. The conference offers a unique blend of formal and informal networking opportunities for the representatives of the marketing world: advertisers and publishers alike. 

The three-day summit is packed with valuable keynotes, seminars, and panels from leading industry experts. TES attendees can make use of the AWSummit-sponsored meet-ups for cryptocurrency, iGaming, and eCommerce, to name a few.

TES is planned for three days (usually Friday through Sunday) preceded by a Pre-Registration Day:

1: Pre-Registration Day

The pre-registration day is there to set the stage for the whole event. It allows attendees to register early and avoid the long line-ups on the following day. Apart from that, the pre-registration day offers some activities for the early-comers. These are mainly sponsored invite-only events, so it’s a good idea to contact individual sponsors to reserve your spot early if you’re planning to come!

2: Build-Up Day

One of TES’s networking highlights during the build-up day is the famous Meet Market – an intense 3-hour networking event gathering exhibitors and delegates to showcase their products/services and mingle with other attendees.

3: Day one and day two

Day one and two mainly consist of panels, seminars, and various culinary and sports attractions for the participants. Whether it’s through participation in a karting grand Prix, a gun shooting event, a casual round of golf, or many other amazing activities, the goal is clear – to enable participants optimal conditions for networking and meeting as many new business associates as possible.

On day one and two, TES attendees can also take advantage of many informal events which enable mingling with other participants in amazing parties and activities like:

Exhibitor-sponsored treats for attendees: ice cream, candy, coffee, drinks, nachos, sausage stands, ham stands, and a night bar
Various invite-only dinners and parties
Massage stations
Massage stations

How to prepare yourself and make the most of the TES conference?

When joining an event like this, preparing is key. There are a couple of things you can do to get the most of it. As one of the first things, it’s worth making sure if the conference is really something for you. See what industries are commonly involved and dig deeper into influential personalities and trends that continue to shape the landscape.

Find out who’s coming

Keep an eye on the list of participants and plan ahead – check who’s coming and what kind of business opportunities it opens for you. The full list of TES participants can always be found on the summit’s official website here. The list for September has not been announced yet, but it will be revealed later this year.

TES enables participants to email each other to facilitate networking even before the event starts. Do your research – check who’s coming and select people who would benefit from your product or service. You can email them before the event to gain their interest and arrange to meet at TES.

This is an amazing opportunity to pitch your product and service even before the event starts and save your prospective clients some precious time finding the right product or service that would fit their business case.

Introduce your company with a bang

You can go out of your way to gain people’s attention, but sometimes a smart but straightforward trick can help you get at the forefront of the exhibition game. At SecurionPay, we stick to our tried-and-tested formula – great coffee. Whoever approaches our stand will get a cup of delicious, freshly brewed coffee that’s simply irresistible. This generates plenty of opportunities for us to chat up to people and keep their attention for much longer while we discuss business.

Make sure you have also polished your elevator pitch to perfection – you will be presenting your product or service to many people who may turn into clients if you play it out right. If you think your elevator pitch may not cut it, prepare a short explainer video introducing your product or services to be on the fast lane to make a good first impression.

Build a stand that stands out

A clean and functional stand is key. Arrange your space strategically and use thoughtful design to make sure it grabs the attention of your visitors. Place your banners and backdrops in visible places to properly demonstrate your brand. Also, make good use of the sofas, coffee tables, high tables, armchairs, and additional equipment like the TV set. Make it a place people want to hang out.

For best results, you may need to choose a higher TES sponsorship package (see table below):

tes sponsorship packages

Know your competitors

Researching for possible competitors is a smart way to maintain the pacing of one’s business. In every industry, there exist, big-time competitors, that new businesses and startups tend to focus on as a source of their motivation to succeed and stand out.

Focusing on the so-called “big dogs” of the industry helps you learn more about what they are bound to showcase at the event – not just manpower-wise but also design and visual wise.

Conduct research on all relevant factors about competitors who will possibly attend the event. This is to help you gain more awareness of how you can better present your business even amid more experienced and thriving companies.

Overall, it is essential to think strategically on how to be the apple of the eye of the audience as well as your competitors to ensure you achieve your company’s goals for joining the conference and benefit from all the new networks you will be building with fellow marketers and business owners.

Attend talks and panels to stand on top of the game

There is no better way to do it than to attend TES. The conference brims with various talks and panels which you can attend to learn about the current trends and topics impacting the affiliate industry and your specific sector. These could be new rules and regulations impacting your businesses, or new products and tools you can use to drive growth.

TES is not only for you to blow your own horn. To be a real industry trailblazer and inspire others to follow in your footsteps, you need to regularly update your knowledge and challenge the way you think about business. The affiliate sector is no different – you need to be aware of the latest trends and adapt or capitalise on changes and new challenges by pioneering a solution. 

On top of attending talks and panels, TES is also an opportunity to pick the brains of the speakers and panellists – not only while they’re on stage, but offstage as well.

Touch base with your partners and mingle with other affiliates

Make sure you not only attend panels and seminars but also make the most of a variety of networking events and opportunities at TES: invite-only lunches, drink parties, and dinners.

Apart from the treat, they are a unique opportunity for networking, allowing you casual space for talks with other affiliates, exchange experiences, and seek advice for challenges your business is facing.

Because conferences like this bring everyone together in a single place, you can meet with your partners and chat face to face over a cup of coffee. For many people in the online entertainment industry, this may be the only opportunity to see you, exchange views and tighten the relationship in a friendly, casual way. This works much better than a ton of Skype calls or emails sent back and forth.

Our experience at TES has always been positive – we are often approached by people seeking help with their payment gateway setups: poor conversion rates, chargeback, cart abandonment, etc. We are more than happy to discuss possible action plans and solutions, which is an amazing opportunity to promote our product.

You would be surprised at how many other attendees are also ready to offer disinterested advice and chat about solutions and current trends.


Exhibitors and attendees at TES are falling over themselves in offering fancy and useful freebies. What’s important, the freebies do not have to be played-out cliché gadgets like branded pens or key dongles. They don’t even have to be physical gifts: the more ingenious attendees offer samples of their work or (e.g., a quick SEO audit of your website during the event) or a trial version of their product or service.

Freebies offer incredible opportunities to make your brand commonplace. Opt for freebies that are quirky yet functional enough to serve their purpose well, i.e., carry your logo around for months or years to come. For best results, think outside of the box: headphones/earbuds, laptop cases or bags, socks, glasses, jigsaw puzzles.

We’ll be there

At SecurionPay, we understand the power of networking and, because TES Affiliate Conferences have always been very important for us, we simply cannot miss the opportunity this year. 

We are looking forward to effective networking, new challenges, and making new business connections. We’ll be at the TES Prague on 1-14 September 2020. Meet us at our stand and discuss how we can help you improve your payments. 

Book a 1-on-1 meeting with our team today, and see you there!

Final Thoughts

With 1,500 attendees representing internet businesses from around the world – affiliates, publishers, media buyers, and advertisers of various industries, networking opportunities at TES are second to none.

With 1,500 attendees representing internet businesses from around the world – affiliates, publishers, media buyers, and advertisers of various industries, networking opportunities at TES are second to none.

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