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How to setup a plan for your subscriptions

Plans are the heart of subscriptions, as they describe your billing strategy for your subscription model. That’s why you should know how to set up plans to make the most of your payments. See how easy it is.

How subscription payments work

We understand that Subscription Business Models are interesting to many as they allow customers to save money, time and energy (if they are receiving something regularly) and often times they have a great sense of appeal to them because they allow you access to exclusive memberships and communities. 

How to Pick a Recurring Payment Provider? 10 Questions to Ask

The subscription business model requires automatic recurring payments to make it easy for customers to use your products and services. It requires charging customers during certain periods so finding the right payment provider is essential. You have to be sure that you will get the money from customers every week or month to predict the cash flow. But, how do

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How You Can Use Recurring Payments On Your Website? [SlideShare]

No matter what type of business you’re in, payment processing with recurring payments (with all its advantages) can boost your sales. You can use it with all kinds of subscriptions and minimize your customer’s effort, because they don’t need to do anything. It’s up to you how the payment will be processed.