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How to Setup a Plan for Your Subscriptions

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Plans are the heart of subscriptions, as they describe your billing strategy for your subscription model. That’s why you should know how to set up plans to make the most of your payments. See how easy it is.

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Hello everyone, its Patrick.

Today we’re going to be talking about how to set up a plan for subscriptions. We’ve illustrated some plan examples, we’ll walk you through it and show you how it looks like within the SecurionPay API.

So, to start we have the first example  – A, for 99 euros every single month.

There’s a charge made every month, 3rd of March, 3rd of April, 3rd of May for 99 euros. Within the API, let’s say we’re gonna give it a name – Plan Monthly, the amount: it’s gonna be written out as 9900 because we’re using ISO 4217, which delineates from the currency designator into minor currency units in simple form… just write it out like that 🙂 Currency is euro, the interval is “month” and you could set it up as hourly, daily weekly, yearly – it’s really up to you.

Example B.

We’re doing 4 euros for 3 days. After those 3 days, the plan would recur to plan A, which we saw here above within the API, say for the name we’re going to use “Test Plan.”

The amount is going to be written out as 400, currency as euro, interval will be day, the interval count will be 3 since we’re doing 3 days, 1 billing cycle and then we’re recurring to “Plan Monthly.” What’s important is that you need to setup the plan you’re going to recur to before you would set up this kind of plan.

Example C.

We have 5 days that are free and after those 5 days, there would be a charge of 49 euros every 2 weeks. Within the API we’re gonna call it, “Biz Plan,” the amount is written as 4900, currency we’re doing euro, interval is gonna be “week” and the interval count will be 2, since it’s every 2 weeks and since we have the 5 day trial period you’ll put in trial period days as 5. Important to note to always keep this integer in days.

Example D.

We have 99 euros every 30 days. We wanted to illustrate the difference between month and days because here it’s happening usually on the same day of every month and here we’re doing 30 days so, for example, if the first charge is made on the 3rd of March, the second one would be the 2nd of April. Then, we have the 2nd of May and then 1st of June. And this is how the difference looks like within the API.

Name: we’re going to call it “Pro 30,” amount is written as 9900, currency “euro”, for the interval now we’re using day and for the interval count we’re using 30. This is just a brief overview of the different flexible plan options that you could set up within SecurionPay.

If you want to check out more visit our website to see all of the crazy and fun things you can do with the APIs.

Thank you so much for watching, leave us some comments and enjoy the rest of your day.

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