How to Set Up Trials and Demos in Subscriptions

How to Set Up Trials and Demos in Subscriptions

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Trials and demos within subscriptions allow your business model to further flourish. At SecurionPay we make this easy to set-up and manage. Please read below to see some common examples often used with respect to trials and demos and why asking for the customers card details upfront is a good idea.

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Today we’re going to be talking about trials and demos and subscriptions.

We’ve Illustrated four common examples that are often used and at the end, we’re going to talk about some good argumentation of why asking for card details in the sign-up phase is a good idea.

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1. Most commonly for merchants that have websites or applications, they ask for the card details in the beginning, and then they make a charge later on.

We don’t recommend this because the card isn’t verified until a later point in time.

2. What’s better to do, and a lot of merchants follow this, is that they charge the card and they instantaneously make a refund. Here the card is verified but it doubles the transaction costs.

3. At SecurionPay, we recommend this third option where you authorize the card and then make an authentication a few days later, and three days later would be max. If you’re trying to do something for longer periods, we don’t recommend this. With this option the card is verified, the funds are secured and there’s no cost to make that initial authorization.

4. This fourth example here, it’s something that’s relatively easy to be done within SecurionPay.

You’ve created some sort of promo plan, you could automatically then set it up to update to a regular plan after a period of time. Here the card is also verified and the update is automatic.

Now for the end. Why asking for card details in the sign up is a good idea?

  1. Well, first of all, the clients are more likely to pay for your product and/or services.
  2. You’re only accepting verified cards and this will lead to more valuable leads in the future and;
  3. Third, it helps build trust with your clients in the very, very beginning.

That’s it today. Thanks for watching, check out our website to find out some more, send us an email, leave us some comments and enjoy the rest of your day.

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