SecurionPay Updates #1. See What’s New

SecurionPay Updates #1. See What’s New

securionpay update

We work on improving our payment solution every day to help your business grow faster. See the list of our latest improvements.

We’re excited to build an innovative solution that answers your needs and expectations. OK, what’s new?

Changes To The Dashboard

We made some changes to the dashboard including new features to streamline your payment processing. Here’s what changed:

Charts – we made them clearer and more functional. Now you have access to historical data and can easily navigate through the periods. Simply grab the slide and choose the date range you want to analyse.
SecurionPay charts
E-mail notifications – you can decide yourself whether you will receive information about successful charges or disputes. How? Go to your accounts settings and tick the checkboxes in General tab.
Checkbox email
Checkout request generator – use it to generate a code snippet with cross-sales to put on your website. How do you use the tool and how do you set up cross-sale offers in your checkout? Find the answers here.
Checkout request generator

New Websites For SaaS and Startups

We released a special website devoted to SaaS and startups lately, to let them focus on their growth from the beginning. Even small businesses can manage their cash flow better and maximize results thanks to the innovative payment technology.

At SecurionPay, we know the startup scene inside out and believe that these young businesses should focus on their growth from the beginning. We did all the heavy lifting in regards to PCI automatically taking this burden off the shoulders of startup founders.

SecurionPay + Sift Science = Fraud Mitigation

Sift Science is a tool based on advanced machine learning technology that lets you fight fraud more efficiently. With machine learning, you can effectively manage fraud with recognizing patterns in historical and live data.

Now you can simply integrate Sift Science with SecurionPay. Here’s how:

There you have it. Have any suggestions or want to ask us a question? E-mail us or leave a comment. We are happy to help!

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