The Right Payment Gateway for Your Dating Website

14 Reasons to Not Have the Right Payment Gateway for Your Dating Site

dating payment gateway

Online dating businesses are a serious thing for both site owners and love seekers. It has significantly changed how we meet new people, so it’s essential for a business owner to make it as easy to use as possible.

Yet, we see that many dating sites are using obsolete payment solutions and are completely OK with this situation. We took the time and tried to figure out what their incentive is to provide a badly designed checkout on their website.

Are you one of them? If you are, one of these might be the reason why. Ready?

  1. Traffic on your dating website is growing every month, but almost none of the visitors become frequent customers. They usually don’t complete payment, leave your website and never come back, but you’re OK with that.
  2. We have always done it this way” – you’re using, these 7 scary words all the time and don’t want to hear about new possibilities that can make your business flourish.
  3. You don’t like to provide high-quality service for your users and it doesn’t matter to you if they will convert into customers.
  1. You’re scared of changing to a payment provider makes it easy to create any payment scenario you desire.
  2. In your opinion,it’s normal that people are redirected to an external website to pay even if you’re not sure they will ever come back to your dating site. You don’t like to have full control over the entire payment process.
  3. Innovative technology and highly-effective payment security are not important to you to make your customers pay for virtual kisses and winks safely.
  4. You like to add new premium features that are barely available for your customers because of the complicated payment process. You don’t want them to pay easily with one click.
  5. You’re not sure that simplifying the payment flow and increasing your conversion by double digits are the best things you can do for your business.
  6. Customer happiness is not important to you and you’re not paying attention to the user experience on your dating website.
  7. You’re not focusing on conversion rate and growing your business. It’s OK that your competitors’ performance is much better than yours.
  8. You’re over that your customers want to pay on their mobile device. The old payment system you’re using doesn’t let you accept mobile payments so you just take it as it comes.
  9. You don’t see how one-click payments, when customers may request to have their card data remembered, will make a difference to the customer experience on your dating website. You don’t let users focus on the relationship because they need to put their energy into completing a never-ending payment form.
  10. You’re not using a cross-sales feature and accept the fact that you’re losing the chance to attract more customers and make more sales on your website.
  11. It’s normal that you (and your customers) regularly struggle with payments and it’s hard to contact the payment provider you work with and get their help on time.

OK, let’s be serious for a while. Do you want to change something? Perfect! It’s time for you to find the best payment solution for your dating site.

Wondering what to consider when choosing a payment provider? Looking for proven tips for making your payment process easier and want to improve conversion rate?

Download this eBook and discover proven ways to create a unique dating experience (it’s worth it, believe us).

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