10 Reasons to Choose SecurionPay

10 Reasons to Choose SecurionPay (If You Still Have Any Doubts)

10 reasons to choose SecurionPay

Thinking about starting an eCommerce business? Or you’re running an online store, but want to change the payment solution on your website? You probably know what to expect from the payment provider and what to consider first. There are lots of payment gateways with many different features. If you’re still undecided, here’s why you SHOULD choose SecurionPay.

Let’s start from the beginning.

1. The Integration Process

You’ve heard the phrase “Time is money”, right?  We understand it perfectly. At SecurionPay, we do our best to give you a fast and hassle-free integration, something your developers will love. You’re getting a powerful and flexible API set so the implementation process takes hours, not weeks or months. Furthermore, you can integrate the payment gateway with any most platforms, shops or business models.

The clean and beautiful code lets you set up any payment scenario you want. You can create a solution that best matches your needs. It lets you easily add new features or options, and usually, it’s a matter of just copying and pasting a few lines of code.

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Want to know more? We also have functions for the non-technical person. If you’re not a developer, that’s okay! You can add a simple checkout with our drag and drop solution. It only takes a few clicks and one line of code. It’s that simple.

2. Custom Payment Form

SecurionPay gives you a payment form that can be embedded on your website. You can customize it any way you want to fit your website’s design. Having a well put together site is important for customer experience and can boost your conversion quickly.

There’s also no need to redirect customers to an external website to pay. You can be sure that they won’t leave your site and never come back. In all, the whole payment process is much simpler and takes less time. It’s a great solution for online buyers who are impatient and want to get everything done fast. Another benefit is it gives you full control.

We will help you optimize and simplify the payment form to make it a user-friendly solution. It will prove to be a customer magnet with an immediate impact on your conversion.

3. Checkout With 24 Languages

Checkout is a simple pop-up that displays on your website when a customer clicks the payment button. Just like the custom payment form, it’s a quick, simple and secure way to pay on your website without having to redirect anywhere.

The integration process is extremely fast and easy. The checkout allows you to accept one-time payments, gives you the option to set up a subscription and add other functionalities, such as cross-sales or “Remember me.” The checkout is translated into 24 languages so you can provide customers with a local experience, even if you sell globally.

The best part is that you can add it by copying and pasting just one line of code.

4. You Don’t Have to be PCI Compliant

All information entered by customers during the payment process is sensitive data so it has to be well-protected. PCI compliance is mandatory for every merchant that accepts payments on their website. Becoming PCI compliant involves undergoing a PCI auditing procedure to meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard.

When you choose SecurionPay, becoming PCI compliant isn’t necessary. We’re taking responsibility for your payments’ security, so you can forget all the headaches that come with that. Leave it to us and our advanced technology. We use tokenization so you can be certain that the sensitive card data doesn’t even touch your server.

5. Your Customers Pay With One Click

Token technology also makes it possible to pay easy and fast, with just a click. How does it work? When a customer makes their first purchase, they can request to have their data remembered by SecurionPay’s system. A Customer Record is created as a result. From now on a customer can pay without typing in their card details on every website that uses our Checkout. To make things even better, SecurionPay allows you to track your sales and provide better offers to customers (which, of course, can boost your conversion).

6. Access to Major European Banks

Our payment gateway is created for merchants who are registered in Europe. As a European-based company, we understand the market and give you access to the best European acquiring banks.

Remember the checkout with 23 languages? It helps you sell globally and provide your customers with the best purchasing experience. You can accept payments in 160 currencies and choose the currency that fits best for your payouts. The settlement is in 24 currencies, including the major European ones.

We also offer our service to both low-risk and high-risk businesses.

7. The Highest Security Level

As I mentioned before, we provide multilevel protection with a token system, 3D Secure, AVS, and with Adjustable Fraud Prevention Suite.

We’re giving you highly-effective anti-fraud tools to help you recognize irregular transactions and reduce the risk of payment fraud. It’s fully automated but you can also manage it manually and customize it to your needs or to the risk level.

8. Transparent Pricing Structure

We’re giving you a very competitive and transparent fee structure. There are no hidden costs, no setup or monthly fees, and we don’t require a minimum volume.

You know how much you will pay and what you are paying for. And, the more you process, the better your fees become.

9. Responsive Support

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At SecurionPay, we understand that online payments come with 24/7 problems. We do our best to provide high-quality and helpful support. Our team will help you with any error that occurs and provide you with tips and pieces of advice. We’re here to help you maximize your business performance and keep your clients happy.

10. Mobile Payments

These days’ people view websites on their smartphones everywhere. The mobile payment revolution is coming fast, and it is likely that all payment will become mobile in the nearest future. So, having smooth and user-friendly mobile payments is a no brainer. Let your customers pay quickly and securely on any device with similar functionalities as mentioned before.


If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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