Original Credit Transaction — What Is OCT and How It Works

Original Credit Transaction — What Is OCT and How It Works

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As fast, real-time payments are a no-brainer today, consumers expect the same from payouts, refunds, and disbursements. So, here’s what an OCT is for.

With OCT, online merchants can make convenient payouts in seconds without touching any sensitive data and all they need is a payment gateway that offers OCT services.

But first things first.

What Is OCT (Original Credit Transaction)?

OCT — Original Credit Transaction — is a payment method that enables direct transfers of funds to credit card users.

Visa Direct and Mastercard Moneysend services, also referred to as an OCT, enable fast and convenient fund transfers so you can send money directly to beneficiaries’ cards, in more than 200 countries. Such transactions are able to reach over a billion eligible Visa and Mastercard holders.

OCT was created to speed up payouts by routing transactions using card numbers. This means that businesses can push real-time payments directly to cardholders so they receive funds right into the bank account that’s linked to their card.

Payouts can be sent to credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Take note, however, that this only works for cards that are fast funds enabled.

How Does OCT Work?

From the user’s perspective, an OCT is as simple as putting in the card data and the CVV; so, essentially, it resembles the traditional payment process in a lot of respects. Once the customer enters their data and it’s saved, then payouts can be made automatically.

  1. The merchant uses the dashboard or API to provide transaction details to make a transfer.
  2. SecurionPay submits transaction details to the acquiring bank.
  3. The customer receives the funds directly to their credit or debit card within 24 hours, (but this can also take place in real-time).

When you process payments with SecurionPay, you have access to the dashboard, where you can customize payouts and see all the credit details in a Credit tab. Depending on your desired setup, you can make payouts automatically via API or use the dashboard for manual payouts.

Main Benefits of Payouts to Customers and Partners

There’s no question that the biggest advantage of using OCT payments lies in the  processing time — it’s reduced from several days to mere minutes.

Reduced wait times

What sets these transactions apart is that they are very fast so cardholders can receive funds almost instantly. But, whether funds are available within minutes or 1-2 days mostly depends on issuing banks.

As the Visa website states: Actual funds availability varies by financial institution. Visa requires some issuers in some countries to make funds available to its cardholders within a maximum of 30 minutes of approving the transaction.

Improved customer experience

Utilizing the push payment capabilities, frictionless OCT payouts to customers and partners provide convenience and a user-friendly system. This is an efficient and quick way of sending money directly to their cards, at the speed they expect.

Global reach

OCT payments are made for sending money in multiple currencies to recipients in over 200 countries.


Money transfers are based on Visa and Mastercard networks, so they are backed by Visa and Mastercard’s payment security. Transactions happen quickly and reliably.

Highest security standards

Money transfers are made directly by an acquiring bank to a customer’s debit or credit card based on PCI requirements; no IBAN or BIC numbers necessary.

Full control over payout flow

Merchants can decide whether they want to make payouts via an API or through a dashboard. Plus, when they send money by OCT, it eliminates intermediary bank charges.

Full control over payout flow

Affiliate and contractor payouts

OCT lets you conveniently send funds to your customers or affiliate partners anytime you need — automatically or manually.

Payouts on the forex market

Payouts are well-optimized for specific needs of the forex industry, so such companies can manage withdrawals without any hassle and at the speed they need.

Winning disbursements, e.g. monetary reward in online gaming

Customers and beneficiaries get their rewards directly to their cards and this is backed by the highest security standards.

Marketplaces and businesses with complex payment scenarios

OCT facilitates funds disbursements by various marketplaces.

Watch the video below for more examples


An Original Credit Transaction is the easiest way to send money, as this method enables businesses to make push payments directly to cardholders almost anywhere in the world, within minutes. As these are near real-time P2P transfers, OCT is a fast and convenient way to send funds directly to customers’ debit and credit cards.

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