There Is Nothing "Dry" About Our Online Payments Service

There Is Nothing “Dry” About Our Online Payments Service

The European Summit Conference in Sitges, Spain has attracted more than a 1000 participants from Europe, North America and even Japan.  This well-organized event is clearly becoming a benchmark for events dedicated to business owners representing multiple online businesses like dating, gaming, forex and other online entertainment verticals.

Founders, affiliates, developers, influencers and online payment experts were available to discuss the most crucial aspects of running an online business during multiple seminars, which have been taking place for the last 3 days.

Here are 5 online business trends that dominated discussions during The European Summit 2016:

1. New credit card regulations

New regulations from Visa will have a positive affect on card processing for high-risk merchants in 2016. Chargeback threshold on Visa transactions will be increased from currently allowed 200 chargebacks per month to 500.  It is unknown if MasterCard would follow the same approach.

2. Selective approach to social media

Social media channels like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, or even Snapchat and Instagram should be intensively used to create your brand. Not all of them are suitable for particular business models. The key is to identify the ones, which will attract your clientele and convert them into loyal brand ambassadors.

You can manage your social media via specially designed tools that allow you to keep your entire marketing activities under control and make sure proper measurements are being taken to know which one was the most effective one. Just go for it!


CEO of SecurionPay Lucas Dominic and Emilio Marquez – Online Entrepreneur, Business Angel and Social Media Guru discuss social media advertising during The European Summit 2016.

3. Card payments will still dominate online market in 2016.

Easy onboarding, versatile but simple API and friendly end-user experience will be main factors while choosing the right payment partner for your online shop. Trust matters. Make a proper due diligence before deciding which payment gateway is the right for you.

4. Innovation and disruption

Product innovation and disruption of current standards of doing things will be the main driving force for online business willing to deliver unique products to the customers and challenge competition. We see trends going towards virtual reality and automatisation of the processes.

5. Customer support – key advantage for online business

Outstanding customer support remains one of the key aspects of superior service, yet still constantly neglected or recognized not sufficiently by both online shop owners and different providers.

If you look to buy or sell traffic, try mobile payments on your website, protect yourself from fraudulent users or test new payment gateway this conference is definitely worth adding to your calendar.
SecurionPay Team thanks all its partners, friends and clients for this fantastic event. We look forward to seeing you during next conferences and trade shows! We will make sure that our online payment solution will always keep you and your online business healthy and in a good shape!

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