Mindfulness and fintech - where to start?

Mindful Fintech

mindfulness and fintech

How being more mindful within the Fintech world can bring everyone more benefits. SecurionPay, an innovative Fintech company, has greatly taught me more about Financial Technologies. Some insights I wanted to share with you all.


Mindfulness is a practice that allows individuals to manage their levels of stress, through being aware and open to the present moment, which heightens their skills, creativity and fulfillment externally as well as internally.

Much too often we don’t get enough sleep, have difficulty focusing or are lost in the past or anxious about the future and quite frequently miss out on life and this is where Mindfulness comes in. It is nothing new and has been around for thousands of years, but recently it has been gaining traction and speed as countless amount of research and data continues to demonstrate the benefits Mindfulness brings to all sectors of society.


FinTech combines the worlds of  ‘Finance’ & ‘Technology’, and it stems from technological advancements in the Financial sector. This includes any technology that is used to help companies manage their financial services, to everything from the back-end, all the way up to the front-end. Fintech has also been around virtually as long as the financial services industry itself.

Yet, nowadays, it has been expanding as customers are expecting ever more from the financial institutions and services. What is more, the research and data continues to demonstrate the benefits Fintech has in all sectors of society with respect to simplifying our lives, bringing about innovation and creativity and increasing our fulfillment of life.

Mindfulness in Fintech

How and why does practicing Mindfulness in the Fintech industry bring you more benefits? Especially with respect to stress management, innovation, creativity and enjoyment of life?

To start, it is true that Fintech has made our lives easier (think credit cards, online payments, alternative payments, etc.). This has allowed us to be less stressed about carrying around extra cash, more tools to invest and secure our funds, which results in giving us more time to be ingenious. However, this does not seem to be the case in many circumstances.

Everyone knows that the financial sector is highly stressful, and technology is fast and ever evolving, requiring considerable awareness, innovation and creativity to stay ahead of the game. People are more stressed than ever and you constantly hear about companies losing their edge or not being able to compete with startups.

This is exactly where practicing Mindfulness can give you the cutting edge, because no matter what happens in the Fintech industry you will always be able to keep your cool, stay innovative and be aware of what is happening in the industries.

Mindful awareness is key, as the Fintech industry is within an environment that needs you to be constantly aware of regulations, activities of the banks and institutions, skill sets that change, new challenges in data, information safety and privacy, new technologies, alternative payments, and so on and so forth.

Mindfulness, Fintech, so where do I start?

More to come in future posts.

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