SecurionPay Rolls Out New Features

Increase Your Revenue From Existing Customers. SecurionPay Updates #3

securionpay update

Maximizing conversion rate and taking a business to the next level is what every merchant is constantly thinking about. Choosing the right solutions and tools makes it way easier and less painful. Having this in mind, we’ve released a few updates to help make your business flourish.


New Banking Partner on Board

Many customers don’t have time to spend hours shopping online. When visiting your online store, they probably already know what they are looking for, so they want to buy it fast and without any distractions. A complicated process with too many steps will frustrate them and may result in an abandoned cart and lost revenue.

We’re doing our best to offer you a better service that is tailored to your needs. Both you and your customers can rest assured knowing you can simply diversify the risk by splitting your online payment transactions between multiple bank accounts.

We’ve got your back!

Chargeback Addressing With Ease

Chargebacks are one of the things online business owners hate the most. And, believe us, we understand it well. That’s why we deliver a new chargeback addressing feature with the best practices for how to win the dispute.

You’ll learn more about dispute types and enter into chargeback representment process to impress the trustworthiness of your company.

dispute evidence

The essential part is to provide all the necessary information and documentation that supports your side. When a customer opens a dispute, you’ll know exactly how to submit compelling evidence to challenge chargebacks with confidence.

Increase the value of your existing customers and focus on your business!

No More Declined Payments Due to Card Expirations

Expired cards could be problematic, especially when you run a subscription-based business. Customers usually forget to update their data which can lead to disruptions in the payment process.

To streamline your performance, SecurionPay now helps you prevent card expiration problems by automatically updating the data. You can reduce customer cancellation and deliver smooth customer experience.

Happier customers = better conversion.

Wondering how to use the feature? Just go to your account settings and navigate to the General tab to find the Expired card checkbox. Select the box and forget card expiration problems. As simple as that!

Mobile Payments For Your Business

Just a quick note that we’ve released a new website for mobile payment solutions. Learn more on how you can simplify payments for customers using smart devices.

mobile payments SecurionPay website

Did you know that 20% of online sales are made through mobile devices?

Free Practical Knowledge From Payment Experts

We’ve recently issued an e-book with proven practices and hacks for payments in the dating industry. Lots of practical information is waiting for you here!

online payments for dating ebook

Grab your free copy and get the proven tips for making your payment process as smooth and customer-friendly as possible! Learn techniques to improve your conversion rate and build a long-term relationship with your audience.

Get your PDF

Let’s Meet Up and Talk Payments!

It’s been a busy time for us and the Sales side of our office has been a bit quiet but it was worth it!

SecurionPay was a sponsor of both Global Dating Insights conference in Hotel W in Barcelona and The European Summit Barcelona.

GDI Barcelona event

We’ve also hosted a Friends & Partners special event for the dating industry taking place before TES. It was a huge success and a truly amazing experience with overwhelming community spirit! More than 80 people showed up! Here are a few photos so you can experience it yourself.

There’s even more. We attended the 4 Years From Now event at Mobile World Congress Barcelona. All the conferences were a great experience and a chance to network with fantastic people!

Want to discuss payments and learn how you can improve the conversion rate on your website? Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to know what events we’re going to attend, and schedule a meeting with our Sales Team!

SecurionPay Had Garnered Media Attention

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