Improve your ecommerce performance with these baby steps

Improve Your E-commerce Performance With These Baby Steps

ecommerce performance

Perfecting your sales funnel takes time, but there are some proven sales-boosting methods you can implement right away. Read on to find out how to improve your e-commerce website performance.

The shocking fact is that the average conversion rate for most online stores is around 2-3%, so having a solution that improves those numbers is a no-brainer for online businesses. Think about it this way: if you can increase conversion even to 4%, this equals double the amount of sales.

Believe me or not, but improving conversion on your e-commerce site can be like taking candy from a baby. Here are various scenarios that can boost your conversion. Here we go!

Checkout UX: The balance between speed, functionality, and efficiency

The checkout flow is what can either attract customers or send them away. Making it user-friendly improves your conversion and gives customers exactly what they want — personalized experience and a quick and simple checkout process.

This is why you should ask just the essentials to make the buying process as quick as possible and make it conversion-friendly. Note that for card payments just three fields are enough, and these are the card number, expiration date, and CVC. Stick to the rule that the more steps during a transaction, the less chance to convert an almost-buyer into a customer, so cut the number of steps wherever you can.

Keep in mind that redirection is a usability violation that can lead customers to drop their cart like a hot potato, not to mention that you’re losing control over the purchasing process. I bet you know that the last steps in the checkout are crucial for finalizing sales, so when you send customers away to pay, you won’t probably see them again.

Also, consider one-click payments that make users complete their payments in seconds. The same goes for the ability to save card details on your website to make things even faster. Of course, all of these need to come with top-of-the-range security. Just a quick reminder: you can get all of these by working with a flexible payment provider, such as SecurionPay.

checkout UX

Speaking of security, customers need to feel safe on your website, especially when they pay, so keep them reassured that their sensitive data is well-protected during checkout. It’s about the security tools and solutions you use, the SSL certificate on your website, and PCI compliance, as well as the consistency in the design. Here’s another case when a reliable payment partner can get you covered.

SecurionPay also provides you with non-invasive 3D Secure verification that doesn’t hurt your conversion. This means that your customers can enjoy safe transactions without any distractions.

Let’s get back for a while to the look and feel of your checkout page. When customers end up on the payment page with a completely different design than your online store, it sets off an alarm in their head and they are not that willing to stick their credit card details into it any longer. Any solution? Choose a payment provider that delivers customizable payment forms.

And last but not least, having a mobile-friendly payment page is also what your business needs today. Smart devices are a huge part of today’s consumers’ lives so make sure that everything works properly.

Additional products suggestions

Have you ever wondered how can you increase your average transaction value with no effort? I bet you have! Here’s where cross-selling might help, and the good news is that you can have it as an extra feature to your payment gateway. No coding, no extra tools, everything set in place. Sounds interesting? Here’s how you can use it.

In short, cross-selling is used to suggest an additional product to a customer. The thing is to provide only the most relevant products or services based on the user information you have.

product recommendation

Recommending supplementary products is especially effective for first-time customers that you know nothing about. If you don’t have a purchase or browsing history, you can also display ‘frequently bought with’ products based on what others are buying on your website.

However, stick to the rule that the cross-sales method is usually budget-friendly. Do it wisely, when your offer over-crosses their budget or when you recommend the wrong items, you will lower the chances to sell the additional product and convert less. In general, you shouldn’t offer products and services that add up to more than 25% of the overall payment.

Let’s assume that you run a baby store that sells not only toys or clothing, but also accessories, furniture, and food. For example, when a customer is about to buy a baby bugger, you can offer a baby bugger blanket as a complementary product. Someone just added a baby shower set to their cart? Display an extra offer with a wrapping service. Or perhaps you want to sell baby shower balloons? It’s up to you and the possibilities are endless.

Cross-sales can quickly increase the cart value, without interfering with the user experience. This strategy always leads to growing the number of transactions, and it’s a perfect solution for both small and large online stores and subscription business models. Analyzing our client’s performance, we can see that the average increase is about 27%.

Also, it’s a great way to enhance customer loyalty and engagement, which leads to maximizing customer lifetime value. Once you get the sale, you need to keep customers coming.

If you’re using SecurionPay to process payments on your website, you can have cross-sales built into your checkout. Adding cross-sales to the checkout takes a few minutes, as it’s just one line of code added to your system. The result? You have full control over the displayed offer and it’s up to you how it will look in the end. Read one of our previous blog posts to see how to set up cross-sales offers.

Subscription-based sales are on the rise

You can also boost your sales with subscription-based shopping. Let’s get back to baby products. As I mentioned before, there are so many things that are bought through online stores by parents, that subscriptions in this niche can be a perfect fit.

What can you offer?

Since people will always have babies and baby products are springing up everywhere,  there’s always room for extra offers and various payment scenarios as well. You can, for instance, offer subscriptions with products for new parents — newborns are growing so fast that there’s always something to buy. When they buy products for a 3-month-old baby, you can predict that in a few months they will seek products for 6-month-olds or one-year-old toddlers.

You can also display an extra offer for customers that just started their subscription. But, keep in mind that subscription-based businesses win the market by retaining customer loyalty and delivering great quality.

cross sales subscription

There are a few major things to know before you start the subscription, such as the items that you want to sell, price range, the number of plans, etc. It’s much easier to start when you have loyal customers around.

Remember that people like to have a choice so when you can give them various plans, pricing structure with quick and secure payments, they will be more keen on buying from you.

Know your shopper

We all know you can’t force people to change their behavior, however, you can create incentives that make them more willing to buy some extra items. Keep customers coming back, send them an email based on what they bought lately, offer them new products and give them a superior buying experience on your website.

While baby product sites offer more varieties, there are a number of ways to grow sales. Baby product stores visitors are usually ready to buy, so use the given strategies to show customers what they didn’t know they want.

Also, see how you can reduce the cart abandonment rate: All you need to know about cart abandonment.

Time to improve your e-commerce site

Follow these simple sales tips and stop losing big parts of your sales. Having competitive prices is important, but what also matters is the exceptional user experience. Do it wisely, otherwise, you will end up crying like a baby.

Running an online store and wondering how you can improve your conversion? Don’t hesitate to drop us a message, we’ll always be happy to help you get the most out of your business!

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