Cross-Sales Between MIDs

Cross-Sales Between MIDs

Cross-sales between MIDs

Now you know how to add a cross-sale offer to your account (see part 1: How to set up cross-sale offers), it’s time to set it up between partners.

Our cross-sales work between MIDs. This lets you create offers that other merchants can use on their sites and also allows you to add offers from other merchants to your checkout. It’s a great option that lets customers buy items from other websites while shopping at your site. All in all, it’s a win-win situation.

Connect with other merchants

If you want to share your cross-sale offers with partners (e.g. other merchants), you can simply link your SecurionPay accounts.

1. Grab your partner’s ID

Partner ID can be found in account settings.

partner ID

When your partner gives you his ID, paste it in the Partners section by clicking on Invite Partner.

Invite partners

When your partner accepts the invitation, the Zrzut ekranu 2016-08-03 o 11.32.43 label will change to acceptted label on the partner’s list. Now you can make cross-sales in both directions.

2. Set visibility for partners

When you create a cross-sale offer, you have two options for managing which partner will see it. You can choose a merchant’s name from the list to make the offer visible to just them or you can click on All partners to show the offer to all your partners.


Cross-sale visible for partners

In the Cross-sale offers section, you can see clearly who created the offer. If it’s yours, you’ll see the  My offer label label next to Owner and if it belongs to your partner, you’ll see his name in this area.

You can also export the cross-sale data as a .csv file (go to Cross-sale offers and click the Export tab).

In the exported file you will find the cross-sale partner ID, so you will know whose cross-sale it is.


You can also see who created the offer in the data exported from the charges section. When the field is empty, it means that the cross-sales were completed on your account, but when you see an ID, the cross-sale was made on your partner’s account.

We leave it to the partners to reach an agreement on the financial issues. We provide detailed reports so partner A knows when a cross-sale is done after a completed sale on partner B’s account. We also let partner B know which of his sales are cross-sales on partner A’s account. You can export the cross-sale offer data to simplify the way you settle with the partner.

Still have questions? You can email us at [email protected].

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