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How to Set Up Trials and Demos in Subscriptions

Trials and demos within subscriptions allow your business model to further flourish. At SecurionPay we make this easy to set-up and manage. Please read below to see some common examples often used with respect to trials and demos and why asking for the customers card details upfront is a good idea.

Cross-sales between MIDs

Now you know how to add a cross-sale offer to your account (see part 1: How to set up cross-sale offers), it’s time to set it up between partners.

How to set up cross-sale offers?

Cross-selling is a tactic that helps eCommerce businesses increase conversion and grow their sales. It’s used mostly by large merchants, but even the smaller ones can set it up on their websites. And it’s not as complicated as you may think.

How to Use SecurionPay’s Dashboard – Step by Step Guide

The dashboard is your command center, because here you can control everything about your payments. So you need to know the features you can find in it. This guide tells you how to change your account settings, where to find a charge’s details or transfers information, and how to control fraud issues.

Fraud Management: How Do I Know If The Charges Are Fraudulent?

Online shopping is getting more and more popular, and with increased volume of e-payments come also fraudulent activities. So, for ecommerce owners fraud prevention is a must. See how you can minimise the risk of chargebacks with fraud management tools.

How You Can Use Recurring Payments On Your Website? [SlideShare]

No matter what type of business you’re in, payment processing with recurring payments (with all its advantages) can boost your sales. You can use it with all kinds of subscriptions and minimize your customer’s effort, because they don’t need to do anything. It’s up to you how the payment will be processed.

How to accept donation payments on Weebly – Video

It takes only few clicks to start collecting donation payments on your website with SecurionPay. Our tool is the best choice not only for developers, but also non-technical people, who want to start accepting payments without coding or using API. We’ve developed a unique drag-and-drop feature that allows you to implement, set-up and customize payment buttons on your website quickly and with

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Start accepting subscription payments – Video

SecurionPay Payment Gateway allows you to collect subscription (recurring) payments on your website fast and easily. It’s the best choice for non-developers, who want to accept payments without writing sophisticated code or use API. It’s extremely easy to implement, set up and customize, with simple but unique drag-and-drop feature.

How to integrate card payments without any technical skills

No technical skills? No budget for expensive payment gateway integration?  No worries! SecurionPay newest feature allows every online shop to connect online payments super fast and easy without writing a single line of code. Follow clear and simple instructions and start processing payments minutes after your totally hassle-free set up is done. Enjoy!