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Card Transaction Types

Welcome to the world of card transaction types. This blog will illustrate the big players in this world and give you a general overview of various card transaction type. For more detailed information about any of the transaction types, simply check out our other links.

Authorization and capture

Don’t be like the most merchants and focus on a typical Sale transaction. This will not only raise your level of risk but usually results in higher revenue loss. We are going to demonstrate why SecurionPay’s Authorization & Capture is the best solution for your online business. Stay safer and save lots of money.

Non-invasive 3D Secure

How to minimize chargebacks and maintain conversion rate. In this video we are describing Non-invasive setup for 3D Secure which can be applied to Checkout and Custom Form.


Today we are going to dive into the world of our all-in-one Checkout solution. Get ready to get convinced about why our checkout is the best for you and your business, to learn about its simplicity and ease of integration and see our amazing Checkout Request Generator.  

Payment Forms – Checkout and Custom Form

Welcome to the World of SecurionPay, where we believe in simplicity and ease of integration. Today we are going to be talking about SecurionPay Checkout and the many benefits it has to offer you and your customers.