[Infographic] Ready for the Biggest Shopping Days of the Festive Season?

[Infographic] Ready for the Biggest Shopping Days of the Festive Season?

holidat online shopping season

The busiest shopping season is just around the corner! It is estimated that sales during holidays will jump to $94.7 billion and we will buy more online than in brick-and-mortar by 10%.

We also buy more via mobile devices, and the biggest mobile shopping day in 2016 will be a Christmas Day. The growing number of mobile websites and retail apps, large-screen smartphones, and better UI of mobile payments make us more willing to buy gifts and Christmas items on smartphones and tablets.

But, in all that holiday shopping spree, we have to be wary of fraud. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are getting better at tricking us.

So, ready to capture loads of new customers? Ho-ho-hope you are!

Christmas shopping infographic
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