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Billing Models for SaaS

We support every payment scenario. Literally.

Simplify the purchasing process and improve your business success rate. Use multiple billing models at one time and grow your sales.

Single, one time payments

For eCommerce, downloads, digital content.

Recurring payments and subscriptions

For SaaS, digital content, dating, gaming and pay-per-use

Mixed billing models to fit your business

For SaaS with pay-per-seat business or Dating with subscriptions and one-time purchases. No matter how complex your business model is, our payment gateway can handle it.
billing models

One-time transactions

Get full control over selling single products or services with a seamless payment gateway.

Suitable for:

eCommerce and consumer goods
Software downloads
One-time payments, setup fees
Pre-paid credits and services
Selling additional services or products

Fixed price and flexible subscriptions

Offer a single subscription price for all customers or give them various plans and pricing levels to choose. Set up free trials and make it easy to upgrade or downgrade plans.

Suitable for:

Dating, social networks
Monthly subscription boxes


Charge users a variable amount at the end of the billing cycle, based on how customers use your products or services.

Suitable for:

Cloud-based computing models
Software services
Media and content providers

Ideal solution for mixed business models

Looking for payments to combine subscriptions and single purchases?
Use our API to cover all your business needs.

Subscriptions + one-time payments

If you want to run a complex business model, you can combine subscription payments with one-time charges. Use any payment scenario you need to grow your business performance.

Tools to maximize revenue

Grow your revenue with our conversion-boosting tools: Cross Sales and One-Click Payments.

Invoice & workflow automation

Use our Zapier integration to connect your payments with CRM or invoice software. Get more out of your data and simplify your workflow.

An example of a complex payment integration

One of our clients decided to integrate a few types of payments to make their business more profitable. He offers multiple pricing tiers in a subscription-based model and extra services with one-click payments solution. Offering various pricing tiers, helped him to reduce the cost of chargebacks and refunds. Moreover, additional services with one-click payments had a great impact on his revenue.

Multiple subscription plans

The client runs 3 plans on his website — Premium, Pro and Basic options that can be paid monthly or annually. This makes, in fact, six plans. He also has a special offer for their partners and friends, with discounts and various tiers. There are 24 plans in total.


Meeting customer needs
Better relations with partners
Streamlined cash flow

Offering extra products and services

One-time payments allow customers to pay for extra services with just a click. Frequent users are checking the “Remember me” option so they don’t need to provide any card details each time they pay on our client’s website.


Higher conversion rate with One-Click Payments
Simplified payment flow with micropayments

“7 day money back” without transaction costs

Our client didn’t want to run a free trial, but instead, he offers a  “7-day money-back guarantee”. He charges the customer’s account right away and gets their money back automatically if they cancel the subscription within 7 days.

Usually, a payment made by a customer creates a cost for a merchant (a cost of capturing funds). “Money back” means a refund, which also comes with extra costs. To avoid paying twice for an undecided customer, the payment process looks like this:

  1. A customer enters card data.
  2. Once an authorization is made, the funds are blocked (authorization is free of charge at SecurionPay).
  3. If a customer resigns within 7 days, he will get his money back (a merchant doesn’t pay anything for that). Otherwise, a delayed capture is made after this time. In result, the merchant gets their money and pays a transaction fee.


Transaction costs reduced
Lower chargeback ratio

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