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Lucas Dominic

Face the Biggest Startup Challenges With the Right Payment Solution

As a startup CEO, you want to climb the success ladder as far as you can. But there’s always something in the way. It’s crucial for you to use solutions that help you improve sales and increase revenue. When you choose the right payment gateway for your startup’s website, you will see the difference.

What Does eCommerce Mean?

Today, running an online business is a natural part of retailers world, and there are many resources mentioning eCommerce with all its attributes. But do you know what does exactly eCommerce mean?

What is a Bank Trust Account?

What is a Bank Trust Account? In most banks, trust accounts are offered as an option, and it comes with the possibility of controlling the funds and holding funds for specific purposes, such as paying for an exact bill. It is also an account for savings where you can administer the funds for the benefit of an individual or a
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What Are the Benefits of 3d Secure?

3D Secure helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. And that’s the main advantage of this solution. What about the other benefits?

How to Limit Chargebacks?

One of the major problems for the online merchants and companies that accept credit card payments is the possibility for the cardholder to try disputing the claim. In that case, the bank of your company will notify you about that and you will be billed a fee for the chargeback. Is it possible to prevent chargebacks?

Liability Shift Overview

For many years, the merchants were held liable for different e-commerce chargebacks because of frauds. Today, the authentication is bringing the positive benefits that come with liability shift. So what exactly is liability shift?

What Is a Direct Debit?

You’ve probably heard about direct debit not even once, but do you exactly know what does it mean? Read the full definition to get the answer.

Credit Card Capture Definition

Credit card capture or authorization capture takes place after a payment authorization. It’s when the authorized money is transferred from the customer’s account to a merchant’s account. So, in short, the transaction amount doesn’t reach the merchant account until the funds are captured. Read on to learn the details.

Introduction to Changes In The Visa Europe Regulations

Fraud and chargebacks come with running online businesses and it causes a problem for many merchants. From 1 July 2016 there will be some changes in the Visa Europe regulations regarding fraud and chargeback monitoring programs. See what are the updates.

What Is a Chargeback?

Before you start selling online, you should know that accepting card payments comes with chargebacks. It doesn’t mean that it will affect your business but it’s better to prepare for such a situation when a chargeback occurs. But first, what is a chargeback?