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SecurionPay — where technology meets payments

We are constantly pursuing absolute perfection in online payments. Our goal is to make card payments truly simple using the most innovative technology available.

Swiss precision in payments

There are two things we love

Code and Design

We’ve brought them together in the SecurionPay payment platform, because we believe that the payment process should be easy – and the experience should be elegant – both for you and your customers.

Our History

Some of us have worked in multinational companies, others in successful startups. We operate from three main offices: in Switzerland, Spain and Poland.

Together we’ve combined our experience in payments, FinTech, AdTech and IT to build a dynamic team and a dynamic product – without taking shortcuts.

In the beginning, we had a simple aim: “Let’s build it agile and fast, with the most versatile API so it will support each and every payment scenario our clients could wish to create.” Then we went further: “Let’s create a system that’s fun and flexible for developers —but equally easy for someone who does not speak in ones and zeros.”

Today our audience is global and so is our reach. We serve merchants from 50 countries worldwide.

Because ultimately, it’s all about your customers and the payment process is the single most important step of the customer experience. That’s why we work to make SecurionPay the best-converting gateway in the payments industry.

Our clients enjoy higher margins and significant increases in their volume of sales. All this while enjoying the security and support that you would expect from a Swiss company. We bear the burden of compliance, processing and maintenance so that our clients can focus on what they do best – selling great products and services.

Behind all our efforts is one magic word


SecurionPay. Online payments the way you always wanted. Simple and easy.