Swiss precision in payments

Payments meet technology

Online Payments Group AG is a Swiss based company that has been created by professionals who know the payments industry inside and out.

We put some serious thought into how the payments processing industry looks these days.

About SecurionPay

We identified key factors that make customers unhappy about the billing process, and made them RIGHT. This refers to all the entire process, from start to finish.

About SecurionPay

We believe that having a simple and clean code is the best solution to most common website issues. Avoid making your technical people work late nights, struggling with complex documentation and integration problems. We can help you avoid that, and vow to improve each and every element of the process.

About SecurionPay

We developed a strong and clean API, an effective checkout system, and shortened the integration time to just a few hours. We know that it is better for you to focus on developing your fantastic products, than it is to waste your time on never ending technical problems.