About SecurionPay - Payment Platform That Maximizes Revenue

Our mission is to provide you and your customers with a simpler, safer, and better way to conduct online payments.

SecurionPay is a global online payment platform provider, serving well-established enterprises all over the world, as well as mid-sized startups aiming to expand their operations. Our approach combines fintech agility with traditional banking transparency, stability, years of experience, and security.

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SecurionPay was created out of a desire to simplify and enhance online payment processes. We’ve made it our mission to combine the latest technology with the best possible user experience in order to create a product that is optimized to meet the needs of the future.

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Lucas Jankowiak


A seasoned expert in the payments industry whose experience spans nearly 20 years. His extensive know-how and customer-focused approach has allowed him and the team to recognize a market need that wasn’t being met — making it his professional aim to fulfill it. At SecurionPay, Lucas leads the team to do just that by providing merchants and their customers with user-focused convenience and unmatched security.

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Here’s how we strive
to make your life a little easier

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All-in-1 Payment Platform

SecurionPay provides you with a merchant account, a payment gateway, anti-fraud and anti-chargeback platforms, as well as a developer’s platform — making it a complete, all-in-one solution.

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Merchant Account

With our services, you’ll be able to take advantage of comprehensive merchant account services regardless of whether your business is low or high risk in nature.

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Merchant Protection

At first glance, we’re all about providing hassle-free payment solutions, but our mission is about so much more than that — we’d like you to see us as your business partner and trusted advisor.

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Merchant Revenue Optimization

Our solution will allow you to follow every step along the payment process path. And, as our company adheres to high ethical standards, you’re guaranteed to have full control over your accounts, transaction data, and charges.

Our story

How it all started

In the beginning, we had a simple aim: “Let’s build it agile and fast, with the most versatile API so it will support each and every payment scenario our clients could wish to create.” Then we went further: “Let’s create a system that’s fun and flexible for developers — but equally easy for someone who doesn’t speak in ones and zeros.”

Together we’ve combined our experience in payments, FinTech, AdTech and IT to build a dynamic team and a powerful product – without taking shortcuts. Today our audience is global and so is our reach. We serve merchants from 50 countries worldwide.

Our clients enjoy higher margins and significant increases in their volume of sales. All this while enjoying the security and support that you would expect from a Swiss company. We bear the burden of compliance, processing and maintenance so that our clients can focus on what they do best — selling great products and services.




  • We follow all technological advancements
  • Always a step ahead
  • Super responsive and helpful support


  • 19% higher conversion
  • Payment process reduced to a minimum of clicks and form fills
  • New paths for revenue development


  • Custom payment scenarios
  • Focus on conversions
  • Payment security at the forefront

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