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Swiss precision in payments

Payments and technology meet

Online Payments Group AG is a Swiss-based company created by experienced professionals who know the payments industry inside and out.

We put some serious thought into what the payments-processing industry looks like these days.

About SecurionPay

We identified the main things about the payment and billing process – from start to finish – that annoy customers and made them RIGHT.

About SecurionPay

We believe that clean and simple code is the best way to avoid the most common website issues – and needless hours wasted on complex implementation. We are committed to constant improvement to make life simpler – for merchants, their technical staff and customers alike.

About SecurionPay

We have developed a powerful, easy-to-use API in conjunction with an efficient checkout system that help shorten the integration time to just a few hours. This leaves you free to focus on building profitable relationships with your customers.